DOC SHOW AUDIO: Jon Refuses to Change the Bulb

Thursday, October 5th

33% of men won't change a light bulb because they would rather someone else do it. Jessie has this happening at home right now.


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And you know Friday night in your husband John you know we're always there chip introduced tougher on the house yeah you survey about guys says some 33% of guys that's been true they would ignore changing a light pole for a few days to let somebody else take care of it. Aches for me. Aches all these blocking nine and so that light bulb. And I just haven't I and in by the rays I gonna change itself there. So where's there's like ball. It's a bummer our pitching count our candidates one of those annoying ones like the canister right dreamy like this special but the bronze after we separated the right distance and it's gonna stay out for a while I. To go to the store and science and then he's you know a really bad weekend if that happened down to today's the day like this is the drop dead deadline. So he's another 33% then the guys gas Freddie and I we immediately associate giving Don. I couldn't have found the right light bulb I would've stood there would a lighter until I. I have found the right play ball more it was shipped to our house for all of a sudden Freddie is the by marrying materially. Treasurer that's how I roll because I'm not just because of the good sense that comes from HI 'cause of the duties in early January looks for using good luck thank you very much a sure.