DOC SHOW AUDIO: Jon Cheating on Jessie?

Monday, November 13th

Jessie is so upset with her husband because he's cheating on her with an ex. Wait, it was all a dream but she's still upset.


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I'm EJ banks and tell me this is something that only women dale I woke up in the most. Horrible mood I was somatic John when I woke up this morning their assets of one of it's because of something he did in my dreams this jury did not happen. But I dreamt last night that when we first started dating he'd broken off for a little while ago kind of test the waters and elsewhere with another girl and then I said to him. Al married two years later hey why wouldn't you first started dating did you break it off with me for a minute you said because I wanted to just. And I was just enraged. And I see him like sleeping peacefully in you that somehow he and Harry you know like how to take this. Then you talked him this morning all and I fell back asleep and I woke up and I was still just as enraged and I think because we haven't been able to. I have all of this anger festering inside I'm really upset about this I'm. To hear your story about Bo wake up in the middle agreement get that but their husbands don't play happened about a month ago that they're like my life's been appropriate DeMaurice you wake up and start hitting me. After a white why are you kidding me he's like because you're cheating on me with your ex girlfriend yeah. There have been there it's true of Mardy I'm so confused I don't know what's going I woke marketplace Africa recovered down to wake up with a warning issued so this doesn't mean. Rig over the hole of play and is all the trains are writes it was all agreement I think he's still swears that it's it is actually happened. For once I would like irrational one because there is no view you know. In my situation may thank you so much for the call it that brought you when I wonder morning. Oh my hot stud pass underneath there's a weird years before we even had here I have a dream and in my dream I guess. He cheated on me in my drink I had a minus twelve. Here so apparently it I don't armed by the current but I graduate I. Dug my email friends you realize. In real life he's not yet heard these greens.