DOC SHOW AUDIO: Is Jessie's Teacher Avoiding Her?

Wednesday, November 8th

Jessie is trying to reach out to one of her High School teachers and waiting for a response on Facebook...and waiting...and waiting...and waiting...


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I have just been thinking about this teacher that I had in high school she was my freshman math teacher and she was that coach of the tour of the club and you should you know. I'm sure she would love seat to hear from you reach out to her and you say you saw her name pop up when things I found her own taste and doctor and there's Burt especially when they pop up you know when you say oh I heard from someone so I got my word on that we have seven mutual friends to feel like wasn't a lot so. Maybe she doesn't accept students are farmers students as her friends. That's actually I'm trying to justify it. This bag I don't like port my heart out about how much he meant to me and what an influence you as on my life and I. Burnett. I thought that was you spoke this gift is that what happened she doesn't know response says nothing when your last post was it like. I can't get close earth she wanted a. A lot about it she's like I don't know I think it just means she hasn't seen your message and. We notice you've probably gets hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of messages from. Former students every day just to get tears have. We limited time when people check their face but constantly. And like he can't get away from it because you're always getting notification of unity message from Sony brought up very fit every time you see that little racing over there. The general excited skip ahead. Juan and lack of the. The new message and like. Her how bummed out about as you like my favorite teachers she still around. Rice okay earns his killer hooks just eat fake. Here and remember who I am I would actually prefer her not like me than not remember me apathetic. Yet you still want her to give back to you and say I I don't remember you there's a great long you know thesis or you wrote to me. I don't think should sing at LA is is your okay you probably went too far. Paragraphs. Sentences what was that like each sentence. So whenever I talk to him forever. Yeah it's nice to scare my boyfriend is to sit out. I have a solid. Our change things aren't really knows where to deliver on track her down and never called Jesse yeah are used to send out to every day and pretend. She does Diane Jesse doesn't give any specific details again just like all. Amber you and it would help me sleep and play all right now we know did you come to you read what you returned home on that was a very personal and heartfelt yeah turn. Consistent than her but you think you're going to generate sentences you to get her beat anyway. Think I should follow up I want to remove your road and just saying hey and I just funny she got my last message and to spend approximately Disney haven't gotten back to me. She really her superstar I don't think so maybe she smitten with duke. Don't think that's and so much so bad about many tales it's just not a good earth like they don't like me no well whether he's just not that into. Good morning I had some. Something that might make Jesse feel a little bit better about it message or teacher okay. So if you're not hundred someone on Facebook and you send them a message they don't actually get into their inbox. It goes into this other folder and they never get a notification Ernie. That is that's. There really is like southeast would change it like now I'll get so and so once you connect to a few do you wanna connect and then you have to hit yesterday now it depends on your privacy settings I. You can get the same thing that you just mentioned but now I'd like to get their private on FaceBook and unless I actively go into that other folder I report video posting that's that's you know the really doesn't know is if Jesse were to send you a private message would you actually respond to her. Now see.