DOC SHOW AUDIO: Jessie's Standup Routine

Monday, March 12th

Each hour when we do the 12K Replay, Jessie comes up with a joke for the code word. But this time, she threw a joke in for no extra charge!


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Nicholas Oxford Ohio sutures eating a bag of cash your check can choose. Catchers just Wear shoes I didn't know that cashiers. Finish ebitda does something that was a little bit hard. And she kind of explains what happened. I felt something in my mouth make hard you know like this I think in an entry reused for how rotten I mean that happens to turn a light on the cars like it looks like a tooth and at that point I just pulled the car over beside the road and sure enough I. As a mom I think that's human tooth. In the sort of one server to very long humid here to see a picture of it you know there was blurry to having an Emmy the blood was dry hole. You're trying to chew on that their cash burn a catch here is perfect okay and after Ryan they could understand distracting arising. For the joke and not Hannity let it lets you keep thinking the other night. To retell a summary. His first thought that was possible candidate Arnold does another you are so what do we not say when it was chasing the other night. Palmer Jack issue. For these concerts and you know are up 26 when literally. Are yours traffic. Time saver traffic. And and I'm looking immediately look to do this. Is that code words. Your hours ago. Yeah break. And I'm glad that you're enjoying the heck out of that joke yeah. Not only her day job. It is very good.