DOC SHOW AUDIO: Jessie's Iron-On Letters

Thursday, April 12th

Jessie was so excited about her new shirt. Did she buy it like that or were they iron-on letters?


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Know him that's mighty Abul express Loescher who went there thinks it's espresso Maria thank you same thing if you buy that like that are you have. It looks like the letters you can buy yourself a yeah used to do. Hadley a sporting goods in Scranton who's like when he sends a letter you can't get a deal. Why is James O'Neill he said that even tonight and I'm sure I'm I'm just asking every got to deal. I don't women's they have price Ramallah professor. Half price bowels. Mom is only got so I'm just affects you. That's why she's still expressed or. Bruno laughs there's no punctuation on it either her parents want to cut backs have enough. Money solution in the slushy on the way I'm sorry it nobody in this room knows anything about being trendy.