DOC SHOW AUDIO: Jessie's gets Comped at Taco Bell

Wednesday, March 21st

Which is more embarrassing, having your Taco Bell order wrong when you get home or going back for a free meal?


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Had a lot of embarrassing moments throughout my childhood not my number one embarrassing moment who is Latin. My mom would get a fast through it didn't happen often and I like it was expensive and imagination of a lot of money. So any time they mess up the order and fast food my mom would call the plays and complain to the manager. I would be so embarrassed. As far as your Friday and Taco Bell and it. In the girl's defense I have a really complicated order now actually and I told you I'm watching my cars like I'm not getting you know that taco shell and. We'll never. So social order so I haven't really complicated salad let's get salad home 88 bucks for the salad. It's lettuce tomato and she's they forgot to put some meat on the Sakhalin. Your thoughts of that at all. I'm so embarrassed and I was like hikes. Come this cap day here and ever needs like OK drive down and fix it like Clinton at that point. Thank things to do. So yesterday I said he said you know the next meals conference yesterday showed up and hating us even more embarrassing and answers when that's so when there's no idea fiddler beyond doing now. Hi my name should be on the lens. And I should ever bring me LA didn't really need. And I just really think I have become. My mother did you eat the salad yen it was some lessons I'd say yeah like sort of tell remains on the all. Lionel yeah. Oh man I don't take a look at the window into Richard really looks like there was eighth I guess I worked in fast food for thought yeah. And that list you should see what's on the hatter I'll. So you're arguing is let's say right now yeah yeah they have a list because there's always somebody in back then if you find a pay phone. When I was working and you and I find it painful call stopping complain or you at a drive all the way around and that's them. The best when using Don and that was just in the bathroom or eight minutes later they're standing with their arms they. In a crowded restaurant when there's a dancing line around the beltway. All the high and on the polls. Tell you what that is one heck of a spectacle that you see in passport I learned fast food and they do get to go analysts like you but that. We had a map Liz and I Janine I don't think I can even see illegally in the state of Pennsylvania have you believe like that was the payment embarrass me as a kid and now I'm doing the same thing to work harder now. Permanent marker right on the border so we can relate. A broad authority is about to say so yeah I don't know now is actually various rumors out. My throw guys are so my name's Shawn Ellis whose account. They cry no no no they just put a circle around it every time that you call and they're. Probably a one point within three to six months where you fill I don't know how I managed just with a certain death in act. Taxes on it you go back to being considered or to pressure they also has made any you know they're kind of like you know what else they probably did they probably type your name and FaceBook and say let's see if we'll see do I know her I'm. There always are remember her then. And all of a sudden you hear the stories of magician yeah. Never able to do that back in the day. Because I'm saying like when I was working fast food you had a look for a pay phone just for stopping the plane needed and it cost your corner and reduce our you can still stand there and play and I don't want that we never did anything like that I would never ever because I you know restaurant karma man that's really good never signed anything like that I'll Freddy's got a good finish my. Right now but some people I don't want to ever insinuate that right we did matter would ever consider doing that I you know restaurant myself so I mean I would never even think it is. Things were learning okay.