DOC SHOW AUDIO: Jessie's Drama Teacher Quits

Wednesday, March 14th

Back in HS, Jessie's drama teacher Mrs. Malligo quit between plays Jessie "starred" in. She's tried to reach out to her on Facebook and no response. What did she do to poor Mrs. Malligo?


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I am and I. My heart is so happy this morning. Does something that I love her does something and I love when she was in high school. Cedar during my senior year of hospital you know I had all my credits for hospital and I didn't do much AP classes or whatever I just decided to take you know would work genius idea shop you. You were small so I didn't drama I just walked into this drama class and when I started singing and drama not drama teacher was like are we got to put this more on stage so I did several one act plays in the and we did see any future gun and you don't know at a time when you're doing that stuff that it's standing you up. Should be prepared to support you know I learned a lot on the roads of show business from the end of the eighteen year old kid putting those shows on. Either way remember how I told you and I was Belle in Beauty and the Beast yeah I couldn't sing and this telling dole is my drama teacher. Married sentiment selling dog couple months ago and and I feel that he still enjoy and I don't eat it. She really hated me home. Apparently you weren't good singer should chinoy has a horrible sing okay and then the following year we did not musical production animal lane there is. Because I thought that was a musical it was down abusive and honest version right now that I go. Get cancer from his castle defense game. It is really seem director was utilizing grant is analogous to address Escude the other one are you see a pattern here. You can any obvious now everything on us out loud just. Ellis. Mine don't really go with those secret right after your performance of singing Newser your verbalize it. Gonna go to sports stories you gave up her career just to get away from kids like you think.