DOC SHOW AUDIO: Jessie...a Failure

Thursday, July 5th's busiest day will be this Sunday. This reminded Jessie how lonely she was years ago.

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Match dot com predicts this Sunday's going to be online dating hottest day of the summer. There's always the Sunday after July 4 they talk about. These dating and it's it's really easy yes we are on holiday weekend is the author really pretty neat yeah. Melinda and it never had a boyfriend has got invited to parties say there must see TV. Yeah originally thanks. Higher yeah. That's no comfort safety that's going to catch you got the job. I'm where you say to. So alarming that. And nice catch money. I mean you guys are bad start column a couple of doing that nobody's gonna vote for drug were. That's what happens when the Joker poker machine play. Oh we don't know why don't leave anyway.