DOC SHOW AUDIO: Jessie Working out Again?

Tuesday, August 21st


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And different today though you look beautiful today must be the new hair he nine senator Gregg and snow maker of the new vigor because now. So that's always wait you've been loses I'm. I didn't Jillian Michaels dvds I have like this twelve week fitness thing that I did before my lining I was in the best shape of my life. And I haven't done it since my wedding online data could barely sit down and is Sharon and I did. That's how I feel I can tell us ahead proud yeah I tried bought these things here is different dvd. No one I can stick with it because it changes every day easily I don't get bored I know what's coming up of them like they do. Celine like it was over the guys and lifts up their shirts and she's like look in these rock star adds enough honest means I've put music on really allowed to drown her out there you often hear again. Let's go down education thank you feel really bad because of one thing you do every couple days or your child you have to turn. I'm famine a simple hello. Full weeks. It's a torrent of let's see what what happens twelve weeks immensely three runs let's go Thanksgiving Tony's birthday. The truth your arteries so is gaining bay Charlie's very it and that's Otis video when I heard it was going to be so miserable heat. I don't know your take today interfering and I can't meaning it's very different thing Lou good locker. I'm glad you could say I'm around to let them try different my gym clothes against big government. Well yeah Jameer inspiration you know well maybe you Michael Michael wants to go too bad someone picks and through them. For about yeah we'll keep you shouldn't. Pain at pump that are being funded mile walk around. You're the realist in paper that's right it's funny San because yesterday put on the front he faced a page non looking to work out again like one of the best for us to my best friends text me hey come. Love to go to the gym with you I got this customer Monday night. I was so onerous about setting foot injury chimney is an astonishing at this point and I think. This idea like that haven't got a terrific fairway my show back to see some of the people usually go boy I really yeah I. Semi bent and my semi and I mean phenomenon. We'll just never know exactly so. Well both charge available soon open.