DOC SHOW AUDIO: Jessie Signs "Baby Got Back"

Thursday, August 10th

Sir Mix-a-Lot did it, Joe Nichols did it and now Jessie Roberts does "Baby Got Back"


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That country version of baby got back. Joseph Nichols is it really necessary. For you played at a weddings. I yet oil spill. Does yeah so where are making fun and may be they just got a video of its general Michael singing any instrument laden video. It's already been viewed over five million. Times no. I guess that curiosity factor well it's also they know it's joked series you know Joseph Nichols obviously knows nothing serious and any probably plays it is like a dagger in this concerts in. It's on his new album no case your honor not gonna release. I think you think it is so you know the music director here now. You know that they're working through this I'm sure that at some point they're voting of that would be hilarious I played a as I mean I will tell you I know every single large and the original version of baby hello I don't believe here let's hear now I'm exhausted how dreary out. Now Beaumont and I think doesn't again I'll tell you guys skipping math when you're allowed to limit the enemy raised an error thing in your face you. I can we find a fluke yeah. I know I'm asking for the. No thing has shocked the players.