DOC SHOW AUDIO: Jessie Loves School! (too much)

Tuesday, April 10th

Anytime we talk about school as kids, Jessie always reminds us that she would always alert the teacher if she fogot to assign homework. No wonder she had no friends!


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Thank you back to good old days when we're in schools. National Catholic school in the Bronx and say agreements I was never great student. I loved kindergarten. Plus I see things through my senior in high school earlier between it was kind of like no lot of fun in my life just you know. I know you months. We do need an extra credit all the time shafts. I'm thinking it was like teachers are gonna give us homework for the weekend. Freely to get that now this is why you have no friends of rumor yeah. Now I did you know I got school loans now below that come up. I sure thought as fast especially. That was a pretty good student and your controller now plus it. Another answer here and what we consider a good student yeah I guess I was assigned still did you have certificates hanging on the refrigerator your parents are proud to put up they didn't call them they call them citation.