DOC SHOW AUDIO: Jessie Having Second Thoughts?

Thursday, February 8th

We were talking to Jessie this morning and she mentioned how tough it might be to leave Baby Charlie to come back to work...wait...what?


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Jesse will be. We'll remove the microphones to about three fear that direction slightly off your left obesity in that chair right to bear its first day when she comes back in the studio maternity leave over. Everything gets back to normal here is totals attending. But Tom she. Having anxiety what's what's going on there pace I had a really not my lifetime has become. So I think it'll stem from Charlie's and day care person in our baby sitter whatever you wanna caller. Attacks in yesterday and said. Okay what's the official day that mr. Charlie's coming to take care. So we had a great conversation and I love this woman she's just phenomenal Charlie's manner they get along great she's wonderful kids that she hasn't I think it kind of was just in the back in my head all face I start like attacking him a bag and getting ready diapers and formula and all that stuff but how many takes daycare and then have lay down to go to sleep last night and my mind starts racing. You know so I go on to FaceBook which is the worst things you can do and I see this committee Al and it's called the nights are long and feminist mama some amount held. Long your nights are about how short the years go on whatever and I am pissed gender. Saw benefits the petition. I mean the mom Gil was just so intense and I know I talk about it all the time but it's like Manning started going. Okay is this the right thing for my baby and business makes sense and then undue delay and anxiety after maternity leave. Be up. Does have been like I'm covered it's been up all the time and again I loved how my son with him but I also lover teen and I. I have always seeming soft as a working mom but all of a sudden I think it's just got really real and the idea of leaving him just making anonymous. So are you don't I'm not coming back on the 1510000. I circled on my calendar. We're embarrassed. Stranger things back and just telling you like. I get what moms go through when you have that last day with your baby and then you go to work and that again I'm sure it'll be son Ryan and Jerry keen is going to be amazing for both of us and I always thought it was cool he's gonna make little friends from the neighborhood at day care but you know it's just harder. Yeah I know are is he going back before the (%expletive) like you percent of their few days earlier so you your routine arraigned. Not really because somehow John will be taking care of him thumb in the morning obviously because I commend so early so. We're gonna have like phonics seek it's going to be like a practice session where mommy's gonna lay in bed for ten shouldn't. How good. And daddy's gonna get Charlie ratty and then you know basically just let him back to sleep for a little as the trigger a fairways. We don't let her day in New York hey did the first series going to be tough for you or both the view video enemy hired I'm gonna get crying match so along with all of the circles and whatever else you have on your calendar you can have a couple boxes of tissues ready for me out of here all I can always. He's trying mount though right until you go mom.