DOC SHOW AUDIO: Jessie Freaked Out By Alexa

Tuesday, March 6th

Jessie received Alexa as a gift and it's freaking her out a little. She thinks Alexa is spying on her family.


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Hipper than means and I'm learning. I got an Amazon Alexa for. And I've been holding off just because I don't really understand the purpose but it was a gift. Bring it home John is like attacking each defense and all of them. It freaks me out because I feel like it's Big Brother. Always listening to all of my conversations. Have not that I am an ailing big juicy secrets but like. This thing is in my home. And is able to then connects Maine to everything else in the world. Did it feels like almost like an intruder in my house I also don't. Fully understand the purpose of it like Vicente a whole what is the audio sound like. Well I'm not sure because every time I say Alexa playing posts are and I just senator. Usually yeah. For the likes of play giant IKEA Alexa played are you an ally and everything is and quite a reserve playing for a 101. Richard in what looked like. I don't know if it's just not give Wallace and help your kid and not have to learn anything else. Oil disaster collects all the questions that you know. Natalie Allen chewing Gretchen has the most fun way because she asks every morning. I'll acts now what's the weather like in Dallas PA like she picked that up off my wife. But I'll tell you what collects is actually given me some dude because when we got for Christmas I stayed up the one last the one night celebrating we'll say. What are they just saying you know I'm in the kitchen and I was just ask him some of them. They asked these questions over the place does not train Alexa she's like don't give a meet cute after like the fourth or fifth question I don't understand what you're saying Clinton she remind me of like when a new girl from out of town would come and start working at the clock. It was a good. Our stays on relentless and this is in Philly or New York where you're actually if you were so good anyways you want to wind up here and Walters tell your legs are used Illinois. That's got to reminds me of where you think epidural come an end to a club or something like that can put an attitude her it's like Alexa I'll ask you the whale wanna add. Ask you why do you adapt. To our arms situation so we're not that I would be able to use it for my life so I look up the light bulbs no underlying need one like well like if violence only and we started to do all things that. There are ya I don't have those hook up someone's just strictly audio do I don't eat Fuller life pulled obviously this is crazy those light and server every aspect of your life or 25 dollars a PO yeah like Syria like Alexa and in the living here. Available on Amazon to the dollars of the sky high and my joy at the flights and cannot or just don't want your button dim the lights it's. I want me on this Alexa thing is going to be really massively people's minds because I eventually it's gonna come down to the point where a lack semi really worth. He had here in my really pretty and might not that attractive and that's what's gonna happen we're going to be looking for artificial intelligence to wanna bowl stir up our self esteem in south. There's gonna just be a lot of craziness over there aren't my words what it looks as a bad day until Syria are here again. Freddie are not that pretty wicked literally I get attitude from the selects of this is how I feel good but it is Q while you are married right. Because he's not there it's like why is it like anything and I and I shoot not a bad renowned acute this thing about it is watching my daughter asked for the guys this is nice and here's what the driver you get home sales Lex is the government listening to our conversation Tom Schatz offering yourselves or something you don't hear. I I. At all take a bat to the left side don't take a bat to elect announced I didn't want it in my house are now getting rebounds and anything. There's not listening right now in front you went on like I'm Alexa put on Friday 101. How is everywhere it's happening.