DOC SHOW AUDIO: Jessie is "That Chick"

Thursday, May 17th

Jessie was loving her Uber ride until the driver basically told her she hated her.

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We both learned yesterday that some people don't like us. My dinner with one of my friends last night ninety glasses of wine and dinner and I really try to be responsible Lincoln never home. Fevered iron picks me up having these great conversation on the way back to my. Telling all about her boyfriend in his if he does and how long they've been together. Selling your five and colors arrived back first ten minutes OK so she is starting to ensure my neighborhood and she supports. Don't you what do you do push and if there wasn't enough time to give her my life series so I said. You're up there radio stations yeah and if he'd just. Just listening to crush yeah I love him he's so funny and Bob Obama on May send. You listen in the morning. And she goes no. Now only sometimes we can improve from and I said. Hey this way begin to wipe the tears and saying. That sick. That's the first time you heard that. Well if there. But then after she said it now. I made eye contact me here and I think she knew oh boy I can't think she knew or didn't say I am I checked all I got. Don't want I don't really. Johnson and my son. And Susan and edit grade dinner at my friend and then this cap and he's like Johns like. Yeah that's a good thing though man that's a us not always bad when Sunday not everybody's gonna like you whether they. They played beyond what I want everybody to know I gotta get over that man there's or so are what she says she loves god she loves Freddie has checked out. Like I don't like country say. All I don't play after that things he says it's not stitch right now she just thinks that she now. All I gotta get over that. I'm actually a series high you know the series question then did you chipper. Okay is there and John just give her one start raining but I can't you. Not based on the run to the based on a journal that originally had a red light so I was aiming era so one star rating map out a bee lined it. My home I'd give her start reading I did not do was a better person well. She was being honest with the issue you know we work wasn't like she went on the way you after right now I should do now. Apple pie when we made eye contact I was like. Shmuel who still read in my face and she hates me about saying thank you injured and so you guys.