DOC SHOW AUDIO: Jessie and Baby Charlie Day 1

Friday, December 1st

Jessie checked in after little Charles Jon was a day old. She's so excited!


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Jesse was due actually Thanksgiving Day we'll Thanksgiving Day didn't have. Or the day after day after bad personal and so much dummy did finally have put her on the phone night and morning good morning what's happening momma and that's. And that's I'm just sitting here with a little hazy inland valley does he do on your degree is just a little theater. I think he might be cruising rainbow well. I'm forgetting it fares but clinch really. Have you changed a diaper yet John King today very object I wasn't allowed to get up through that yeah. Honored and let's just say that the person crew isn't exactly how you would think didn't soccer colored wondering about what it's like he's free glimpse are her. But I have to really I have to train him. Why you don't think I'm pretty sure you and your entire pack of YFX. Free on 31. My values and John you have to trainer correction right. So yeah you am I correct these things not Henry what happens I well. Email Kathleen good named Charlene. Clearly job while Charles John as its official name. We're gonna go right Charlie who he's excited shoe you know mom he's an imminent and I got my child or whatever he decides to be called penalties for do you have ink won't send just. And it's full and 24 plus hour. Tell me about we're we're kind of monitoring you know everything that was going on so yeah I was getting text from mount Saint John there saying no our goals to you know selling so water broke every should be any minute player like every minute there's. I cannot so. I started having contractions like 4 o'clock in the morning on you when it's okay. And as much as they prepare here at all. You go wait a contraction in the horror. You know how many can start over thinking travel gotta I'm probably feel like hey I called doctor if you you tell recruitment. We came in and I was here for a while gotten a figure out like do. And it's such an amazing nurses Lee was one of my nurse and I'm Mario I'm just took great care needed all of my complaining. So they put in the effort barrel and then a couple hours later upper girl where's Brian cool. That's and takes into that I don't have an amazing put in a second on the one hand it was probably around midnight or 1 o'clock. Scotland stopped working. And then that's that's playing it was like time to see I could push. And that's just wasn't working I mean I have literally at ten pound made it to fifteen instead in my arm. That they rushed me to. I'm getting defection and I have to say god bless and other factors years ago what does something like coach he actually if you get I had ever done. God bless and mom and prayer I think John Conner pop of color how much of her because spending which we go about the process it's Shia it's very difficult. The I'll and I know you. You're didn't want anything to do with the C section but you felt like how. I did okay. There and that is kicking fully arms loosely CIV's today until I mean certainly mean include oral pain as. Arm but I feel good and honestly I'm holding this little boy and it's the most amazing thing in the whole world so different colored. So you gotta take back all those rotten things to say term here in the studio because. A kick in and bushel and everything. You know what's crazy about. Watching him out like last medical care rubbing his back and it was surreal investors dame back like error trapping my belly could steal. You know you think that that's an Italian market on the out. Right that's being so does he make any kind of noise yet. He's very quiet just good baby. Everybody keep commenting they'd think it is because it's just so big that he likes a little linebacker content we're. Sleeping and eating I think I'm getting on the bottles reflects a struggle for him to open his eyes actually have picked that spot all the cute loving every ounce at the zoo for the. Remember when Shawn was a bigger numbers to make fun of them for that he would like Mon when he was seeing because he was a big baby tooth so yeah. He featuring in the bottler and every. The menu. No could get any harm on TV drama and love I think that's. That's great when you get out I am I leaving here and I'm after the coaches everywhere I think the doctors coming in today that. Switch me over on medication are you nervous about what will you okay we're feeling good. It's funny to say no and you're John. An incredible guy your husband but you know I was on the stream with a million other people against the run nearly served right updating information. So yesterday I see the once somebody has some all what rubio and what time can we count and I you know I know what it's sort of like going through that already yeah and I can tell John was a rookie to this you probably did his head off last night with people come into the sea yesterday. It wasn't terrible pet probably. Help we're gonna command and help you lopped like 5 o'clock. Thanks so of course I won't get mission eventually thirtieth hole and we have a huge family stuff they show high thirties and it's. I probably don't go for a walk to a mechanic I'm glad diabetic I never left here and how were somewhat contained though it is okay had to suffer like this morning to get them from the nurturing. And you know we're doing really well let me check back with me. After I recovered and stretched out the weekend Coleman going oh my other churches around each week we're doesn't help you with anything that eighth and then we'll. They stand first day or she's gonna be a little weird and after that it's all second nature you have sorry. It really is amazing well we are also happy for guys I was looking at FaceBook here the Friday FaceBook page to not only like a million comments from both political peninsula. Well Charlie I don't know that I. Your eighth death that's a great so we're so happy for you congratulations. Thank you so much a lot of tournaments in the parent. All right you take care all right thank you see above I.