DOC SHOW AUDIO: Jessie Ain't Got No Friends

Friday, February 16th

Of course Jessie's birthday parties were over the top when she was a kid. This is why Doc thinks she didn't have any friends.


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Badgers McDonald's generated cheeseburgers in the happy meal for crying out loud. Crazy and remember when I was a kid. I don't keep your birthday party threw into wants the political it's. Dixon's lawyers LP. It was the best they may need your happy meal and he's out on the floor and you watched Peter Rabbit and hit hate your cheeseburger. Did you notice after every birthday party you adolescent lust for. For the job about. She invited thirty minutes terrorists who want me to answer was one that I. Added you've been writing different periods against Brazil and Blake my class friends and it was a neighborhood friend. Andre and you're almost you know me and I got a card I.