DOC SHOW AUDIO: I Didn't Know It Was From You

Monday, May 21st

Some things are better left unsaid. Doc's wife Michele wanted to donate clothes he wasn't wearing. She held up a t-shirt from the band The Eagles and he said, "Get rid of it, I never liked it!" was a gift from Michele.

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Less than Michelle's get ready she's you know finally believing that's. Warm weather is coming. So we sort putting away the winter stuff you know you final showdown for awhile doing away today. If this particular point the sugar chasers you know and a I have a ups and downs and weight over time everybody knows I'm an operator was perfect. So we're structured T shirts and you know you're good fit into this to your defense you know you're never where there's like three feet from what I donated always sort of things sounds like I have. His associates 21 of them in one of amid some. And Eagles the band Eagles. Church to go to the concert which came few months now and I said. I don't know where I don't even like. There's a published on gave it to me for Christmas one and filling. You wish Michelle saw. I want you got for Christmas. I'm now what do I say you're. This same president thank and we had a good. I'd now like well OK. I have nothing to say that was the worst and of course on sterile like the law. Oh what the other side. Panetta wasn't crazy Russert should be delivered. Or should be able to read the signs I gave she's like okay but then she started everything mentioned money into the pile with the Eagles certainly you don't want. Here's the problem well if there was an outburst in tears and things like that he calming and the only city anyway if what you're seeing her have an outburst to. It's it's just kind of festering and is this real event the next time you kind of step bottle liners say something that hurts their feelings live. Second it very well freely it's going to be much more dramatic then if you are just too low key. Things like people should mind your presence in the first place and remember who did you watch and you know obviously. Mean things to say but I wasn't saying because I thought it was from her you know. It was the first two and would have been a mean thing to say to him and his girlfriend. There's like other turn came from you know what is hello deals but I don't like hell freezes over logos on like that. He's out of any good comeback now are just trying to make sense on many issues settled at around Christmas time. Firm was up until that point.