DOC SHOW AUDIO: How Did Freddie Pop The Question?

Friday, August 11th

Who was more romantic popping the question...the guy from the Bachelorette or Freddie?


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But in the end she found how. Happiness with Brian. So easy. Hillary still. In off I love love and love street guy and then. The good guys Israeli on and still. You didn't say it is crap to me this morning and started pretty dramatic pretty was at the same exact speech that happened then when you proposed here right now not. I've got guys sound like Stephen Hawking their video video from Bob. Buck Rogers a 125 century died how did your did so well my approach my proposal. Can you tell when they. Okay there's a story. This story. That's where we are proposed in Atlantic City her whole family was out there we arranged to have it that way my parents were out there everything. The wild wild west casino was Perez was was really coming and a one time was great time. I'm not a big gambler all know I really don't give that places like low on my list they should give him more attention in time before I judges not given a chance you. Straight off I'm getting to point out you got your faults occurred Garnett but here's a deal. So I went to propose how are on the beach that's what I plan but it was raining that day and a brand new gene Zaun. It's so it was like I'll see Indian like mud type thing out there and I told and I think she had an idea what was coming on and I said to a real nice simian like really don't want her. Know some machines pretty early days I thought I saw. Ring box it's beautiful rain in the student now let me know I just sat I didn't want to know our brand new GM that night I thought you chaser a baby and now. On the beach it was raining it was just how well that was an uneasy damaging if you have when we left the casino walked out of the beach you know did that whole lipstick a little while and let them you know this is back in the day when they still headquarters and everybody's hands were filthy and running around jiggling change well. That little plus trust because can I get back in a couple of days she was shocked because the ring with soapy dish it back to your senatorial. One heck of a ride home from Atlantic City. She was dazzled and she was Porsche wants really since she I don't know I. A lot of stud like Lindsay exactly right marry pretty much is like oh my god I can't believe this is she's like I don't even need to hit a progressive inside I hit the progressive right here. And he doesn't Bridget Jones matches like I hit the jackpot CNN Atlantic City and there's no money that comes with it but something so much more valuable they may live happily ever after now we're living happily ever after this race ask her personal items that I'm. Do you ever out let it rest or going into an hour by hour basis here magic yeah.