DOC SHOW AUDIO: Garth Joins Doc & Jessie

Thursday, October 19th


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The Friday when a one page according to guard its docket Jesse and we even have a special guests are here today that's we think here in northeast PA your biggest fan mark Corey is here artery yeah I know Murray coming to us BC Garth. And counting and oh my gosh this Arie you during the morning. I do agree to all three are you my apologies for being late thank you kick the ball more and missed Birdie Putt. No it's going to be so much fun and believe it or not even know they make like announcements and they tell us when the concerts coming I don't know how she does have a Margarita about the new work shell before they even found out about it. Marguerite we queen not not real edit it together on this ship. At birth you view the timer Sunday nor did he gave me his guitar in Nashville no really written story I had a sign that said I drove fourteen hours for five says Connecticut's Arctic. He called me down to gain that it can indicate felon and the guitar quote no Q did you ever any clue what was a month now and I just collect its architects and Stevens is amazing. Well now Margarita Jimmy favorite review collected carpet or go back and tell them what happened and see if they'll give you looked at all. Yeah. That is true street and so we Epoch but really are absolutely. Holes on the greatest gathering of people ever everybody's heart and directly a lot of money which a lot of people we needed it I was lucky he could be a part of that thank you from everyone here at natural thank you contribute to that technical. And the cool thing about Marguerite she's actually the fiance of our midday guy Justin Taylor and every time we see a year ago what's going on while I went to cigar here or there and I felt. So it goes all these shows I guess you're doing a ton of them coming up right. Marguerite I can't tell how old or so and you get treated worse in the ninety's but Charlie why you're calling this so many of comeback tour. You are just the most amazing artist ever give it me harder. Episodes and you only be. What are you guys I love this hearing about an hour here and I. Terry coaches talking to you so you have a couple of questions here right aren't ticketed for a go ahead FF. We go what do you do between shows especially when you have to says turn ninety any down time. The crazy thing is no matter how close address or your miss you gotta put in time to crawl there. And crawl back the next shells. Keep hold hands or your work first volume governorship are a first figured to be broken wet anyway you come out and just full -- good everything take your wife sandy go down to talk with a guy you'll meet catering to about -- there you go over the last show what we need you do for all the records show and then they'll start the backstage -- again so it's pretty cool you'll come in Ethiopia butter sandwich and you're you're drenched -- -- and your target people and the actual actually just arch your back straight start from it's pretty -- -- big picture you get to be with people and then the coolest thing on the planet is all the little things you wanted to -- from the last show you only have to wait if you are what you need to control moment it went in the -- show runs so much smoother and it's just a lot of thought it's like getting to pull a double shift to be eating ice -- what you're literally major living you know it's. Great just saying on the planet. As a mere. Not a mom agreed finished up and a city near much like Ashley did you know what I. Oh all the time or you'll see signs early in the show and go oh I've got knocked out park later on I know exactly would do it and you forget you're like oh. You just wanna go back to you what I'm a bite can eco bag game producer I it's let me get this side that this lady has broad and we're gonna get this solved it sure man all the time there's so many think it's like anybody else visualize you'll get through you'll go crawl I wish or go back to do that would that would this way this time and and it. They're just weak moment because this is the one satellite kind saying every time it happens it's what for the last time and you're gonna get something done apartments and other major gonna miss you're gonna wish you try to change. It's funny run Marguerite here retold her last night instead we're going to be talking to you today and it was like when you command and from what I understand you do not sleep a wink last night and then Santana listener questions that. The joint best but what's the other one you have another great one love. Would single artist have you seen the most in concert. Food that we remote because it has to be straight that's set for guy once he got bill wanna be so that we George Strait there's a new work kid which still isn't probably neutral lot of young people it's Keith Urban are here because we were label mates sort of be a lot of shows with him you know I've been to more core structure than anybody else yeah. I don't think yeah the Marguerite. The other. Can hear what our love to go to her fingers and more of an arena or theater kind of back to. And she talks to the people and they culture and you can see the love for which she opens her mouth this person. In the other night she stopped the show man this is a great trying to get out of control and she brings at all to a all there's this is for Vegas and she does somewhere over the rainbow just heard a piano and I could prepare you there was another dry eye in the house it was phenomenal and if there's any way that a locomotive can. Skip to the next level when she got good picture shows a level I've been received for about it because I knew that she is such a great question though I can turn select Bieber concert just recently brutal marsh. On on him got a question about that Larry isn't cheap seats I site that was a birthday present looks like Cheshire was pretty far away. We did wanna bother anybody actually just gotta trick actually regular way. And we didn't going to be whatever and I didn't know this guy systems allegedly won a bomb backstage and coming and so everybody sweet because that is part backstage we didn't get out but etc. the crowd the crowd and spread that we were all Bruno barged into that kind of what we leaked onto for the first time ever in my life I got to put a light on -- Michael. And I thought this thing I would cry like debating an outfit that you know we will not see. It was all. Do you see something when you go to see like a broom or show when you say wow that would be cool and our show to take like some kind of theatrical or stage idea. It's brutal market friendly with Justin Timberlake took Cordoba patents or sharp pencils I took notes left in writing what sort novel it's always great to see an entertainer duties being it was cool the fun part is when you see they're doing stuff you doing your show you go okay he's got the same idea through the should see how you work should we get to fight creek UDQ Matt we're all Brothers are here were all trying to figure out the cooler show we can bring the people that come true that feat if they yes you go to school usually entertainers it's far. November 14 the anthologies coming out tell us about that escalated to get the first part of five part of the chance I'll be and that we sort of the first five years and I can't tell you that the smartest source for me on this we're getting it about you before it was dead you know what yes for the couples that are that added through a portal I'm enjoying this more than anybody is so much on this story so pictures stories I've never heard I wrote my part but a guy named Warren stranger wrote everybody else. Our interview all of them are getting bigger story from there for the first time about the exact change Sandra I'm talking about they would call. That is great general looking forward to it and Marguerite you were not you can't wait to pre ordered it already shot yeah a little bit ago we re not naive yeah. Garth thank you so much for giving us time this morning we'll see you soon seeing you right. Can't think you have for everything you've always been a pretty good description of Marguerite this morning might be the best one ever thank you I love you you're Marguerite thank you throw you think we'll see guys like.