DOC SHOW AUDIO: Freddie vs. Trooper Petroski

Thursday, May 10th

Our friend Trooper Petroski from the State Police stopped in this morning. Freddie wants to know why the new Trooper vehicles are gray.


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Trooper atrocity here from a trooper and hazel sin and we're talking about sunny day camp which is coming up on Saturday. Well sir Freddie in the room right now and there's out pretty well we're gonna talk about the graphic. I know what we're talking a traffic carried a second but I knew you could have a problem with producer Robert review calls there going good how. That's fair fight what they figure well because he's been. Can't see anybody what this great vehicles really is that. Playing and they have a million stickers on the phone who and it's ten foot antenna you can tell me you can see if I can see I'm not really paying attention to what's okay. I'd be fighting my idol I was like yeah yeah. The point that's not the point. I trying to say it's okay hard it's just like John subs and others we know they're right yeah yeah. Yeah I mean that's it's just not fair use of with a nice pretty white ones they were really nice looked really good agency about a half mile bus and there are. A mile back ground invasion they like Jesse said if you're abiding while the triathlon like I am you don't your words not well. Look out for my fellow man good citizen right I am a good citizen I just it was an observation and that kind of data itself on observations and it's all good and you're doing good for the community I'm just thinking like I mean all that trouble I need and it's like it's a hard code keeping an image draws all darker colors draw like the heat and looking out for you to go. All alive I appreciate that most people liken the I don't like it or not earlier ones behind you like Lieberman and I suspect it just pops up army and then when you see it just you know then I might wanna get shaky Buchanan wheelers some might ask men. Back pauses I don't have to submit Freddie for a driver's retest I don't like you know I hear is chaos I mean I don't I. This is we do it right there street as traffic a at a school do you remember when you were here during the winter we have a call Connelly drew long lines for Freddie said there were some guy says. Are you like I wanna make a complaint because you know you guys now have these great vehicles he uses state troopers and they're really hard to see when they're parked on the side of the road I guess it's. And like elements like their life. I might be looking to help somebody go help so many I might need legacy troop her to beat and I might just drive right by and I can't see OK okay now. A winning homer in south mile came in danger Elton stocks also are there any restrictions on your license like her. Romance and Polamalu good channels as from other people I ball is dropped by Obama's call. OK and I hear us out and lay in the information did you meet air tight we're down like fort flat tire engineer. I try not reduce Akamai cards in case you ever again traveler. Well here. It is we can't control that you thought you guys only get it and periods among thirty seconds from our series you know how much this is incriminating evidence. And now we're just having a conversation. I want to close friends cabinet conversely only on who talk about the new gray vehicles and a lot of people like from the once adorned the ones that get pulled over. Points over firewall an arrest these I hinted the white ones still ahead. He's gonna give him that.