DOC SHOW AUDIO: Freddie Poses Nude

Wednesday, August 9th

67% of American adults have posed nude. Freddie was bragging about his "work"...


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According to cosmopolitan 67% of Americans have pose nude for a photo at least once or I know let's look through the room here on now I and do you. I ate any game I've never. Nice shoes I don't do many times are you. Yeah and any time you think you've taken a picture and you know I suppose many times best price. Sure photography person with a blank you know when I was like over the fireplace in your house and Giuliani on the bed Rihanna. I think you're exactly one of them is semi like. There's others like the picture on CU is now you know that Jack made in Titanic when he drew half. I just picture you like this is a look like that's not on classy furniture as Rosie was laid out now and back away.