DOC SHOW AUDIO: Freddie as Pathetic as Doc?

Wednesday, February 28th

Freddie may come across as a tough "man's man", but we leared today he's as useless aournd the house as Doc and St. Jon.


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Yesterday we were talking about. Myself. Saint John your husband are really horrible news on hand me or Cynthia we don't do that they are pretty obvious Roy goes I got a story to tell you yeah I have to tell it. End up. I have to confess it's more or less a confession I'm dragging him down. Listening to you you know hypothetically medic in job. Big losers can't do anything around. You thought of them he's a funny adjectives you know hey listen Colin this and just figure Nadal NN. The truth is man I'm pretty much just as bad if not worse here and I don't want us anyway that doesn't wanna blow anybody's you don't think. For about two weeks now we've been without a sink in her bathroom because I decided I'm gonna get on YouTube and on the fixes clock properly so I took off like the hall yeah. On the typewriter days and while I was on maternity leave our. I was too when he and then I tried to put it back because the clock wasn't an appetite been about the wrong kind of sneak. Who are going to though they're all with the type Deron who wasn't working so I was like I'm just gonna put it back on problem was I gonna get back on the golf. So I decided that maybe I need new party. So after listening to you guys because I let it go for two weeks I got into it tomorrow I'm gonna go somewhere everybody losing millions sort of the Basilan. Kitchen. Players can. Yeah that's terrible but here's the deal because of that conversation yesterday. And how pathetic you know you guys are talking about how John cruisers are. I was like army and I can't do this I can't deal I can't get any worse than I am. See how did I force myself to go to Home Depot in his head I can get the right parts I didn't do this I don't need to ask for help. I can identify the parts of I guess you are rail Manny. Yeah I mean I got a break out of this small so I wind picked out the parts were a plumber gonna be there. Well yeah and that's about it and I and a salad out of parts they grab them won't be home when I get home I guess there was some other kind of like. Primer slump and I was supporter I or whatever sink buddy gassing bloody what what the heck is vast. Lemon I'm telling I literally just drive all the way back and I want to be getting what I thought was saying Heidi got on the way back home. Realize it was something like for water whatnot there wasn't anything for plumbing so this I'm on my third trip for this. OK okay the last two days Paul because that was pushed over the edge genomics and ever and ever and did you really replace a trap scenario I'll throw this book my dad. Now having to land just TNT I don't know Annan I don't I don't let me just I just look. Didn't realize this is what you gotta do he didn't do that how did you learn what did you go. I was just Reagan in Miami and kind of look for you while it's just it's degrading to be you me infringe on yeah it's pretty much what I wanted to do was. I had a confessed because if you guys are gonna take that kind of abuse I felt almost it was rare thing like. You're trying my doctor my husband wouldn't even tried they would just make the phone on like Donna I'm regretting the effort because they swept more transcribe this DM piped them and what I highly event. I want my money than if you just hired somebody to just I guess a loan for is going to force dresses from worth I'll. Money in the world had to get that off my chest colorful guy batter he can people find your plumber call girl does hurt I guess I'm just trying to get to a specific. Bottom line is I can Diaz pathetic did you money so while. Hard to get a synthetic vision and I now know I think I might even have you done if you ask my wife so I would say that I'm a lot worse than any film and dump without.