DOC SHOW AUDIO: Freddie the Painting Procrastinator

Tuesday, May 8th

This morning we were talking about the ceilings in Lionel Richie's home which led to painting rooms. None of us enjoy it, but Freddie feels no need to rush to get the job done.


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The previous owners in my house they painting our ceiling like this. And I made any color and as Carville likened tea teller. One Arie painted its. I'm submitting commandment is that what it is like you know it's funny I was behind me truck for painting company user Mike. But the nice surprise Michelle's I knew we wanna read you living room dining terminal and I wanna do what I just you know I I'm not gonna blinds I campaign you know Camille wall fine right Tony comes the tough part where you mixing wife and another color. On them an absolute mess and Alex due to trim car but I don't like to role play Elian well you and I should just started busy early yeah. We can report are you tell internal Freddie or no you're on the part of that. Would you really want Freddy pain I'm. Posted the ideas some pining for my parents not too long ago we did a couple rooms but as far as I am home now we really never get my wife wants to do things overnight she wants to do a whole room in my today. I'm like let's just do one part now to chill out a little bit twosome moisture here your whole remember a day. He designed to my old daughter's room and decorated the whole thing and like eight hours but only forty illusory to preempt my what do you do it. On what he's doing ball games are all games on we'll get to that park later but she's into when she's real good you know later is never gonna come because she's gonna fix your sink them now manager Andre does that sink I gotta get that taken care of your. Out of sync your solo were not snot. The battery and lots of attention to wash your hands that's just gusts now we don't do that we Wafer terrain we stand on the battle. Want to go to present to you just look at the tempo on the web and I. You know we just take care of it that way assets Wednesday we're gonna wash out the brand new rubber hose outside today and looked up and house for a long time. Barely gets any use so there you go straight I have it all figured out you don't think I say at plan things out but I gotta figure I don't know what I'm doing sponsors come and answer questions. Little spoiled and very disappointing and it.