DOC SHOW AUDIO: Finley the Underwear Eater

Tuesday, November 7th

Doc's son Christian and his girlfriend Mel were up from Philly and brought their dog Finley. Finley decided to eat something that was not his and hilarity ensued.


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So like first weekly report card deserving of Foster parent I think we did OK yeah you know overall but this past weekend was kind of a busy weekend at her house Christmas and Christian and his girlfriend humor from. Philadelphia crime dog Finley along with them so that can be a little over. Wolf a little overwhelming for me and then you know on top of that there's got to. The other people in the family on the west which I thought everything was going well there for awhile. So she came to us instead it's two per my underwear messing. Some like jury room. Have no I don't have an answer for this one yeah I don't go. In Philly was in her room Phillies don't. It's Finley and underwear scene there apparently. Which we found out I his friends who have dogs are on your Steelers and that freaks me out you know so he's done this apparently in Philly because they live like to remain situation there. Then we'll go to the girls' rooms and you can underwear from time. So old the first stringers who get out Michelle and I are kinda concerns you know one the stock has held on the future of women's underwear and a and they didn't seem that concerned dependent on also who normally is pretty good we have medicine for the cat is getting a kidney issues and ate all of that. Canyon over here. Given the address we minutes of the dog ate the underwear heated just like terror holes in the noon on our heels he swallowed and gagging. There would jump collegiate or you can really get some more show on Susan. Sunday afternoon maybe about 6 o'clock or so he's clogging up the hallway near. You haven't heard. And other james' mother goes very. I don't know. Arrogant. And that's been pestered the woman did to the president is some. I think there I think he's not getting enough I'll let it. Police say miss I guess yeah Google. We put a plug on the stern and they came thanks. So like person's girlfriend the kicker to the mall what was missing in purchased her new underwear because she felt you know rivers. Responsibility because it's her dog this year would take her boyfriend. Does he make an annoyance he can be an era Billy was gagging and popping up so there it is playing on the gun so many sci ask. It looks like something from the I don't know poltergeist whether. They were wrapped it was like to spread around each other and I really think about that. That would have been the other. Party of the Hudson over. Two of the universe back proportionally it's it's going to be used again you know. Reminds me some really nasty and years ago. A green home. I mean plain annoying OK there you go into good. I video. She's got new underwear. On his client angeles' under the mayor council. Real quick tell us are happening and what about 8000 Freddy the dog I put up the hall hours are. All kinds of NASA is about right now the stuff that people want to hear me say I've seen it all right Donna. We want to live and adding all over the place and don't guard you okay now gaggle games. I'm ready to accommodate from the back of my throat and displays them in this we just we just found your Kryptonite clearly there aren't just reminds me of a nasty story. Yet still a bachelor party years ago just I'm Gary we're gonna Doug you have. Lab dish she chew clothing she used to queue up underwear brought yeah and towels but listen don't ever let the dog get into a volatile market is still occasionally good has met through a rough three days it doesn't come out the front of the fittest series you have new carpeting event that's a lot of fun and referral. Call the vet said don't come out or did the walls were painted. Twice.