DOC SHOW AUDIO: Does Jessie Smell?

Tuesday, August 8th

Jessie changed deodorants and wants to make sure the new one is doing the job.


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I'm about to give you a little TM hi but I feel like we're all friends here and nobody judges and we're out. Emily we would never judge each other have tried to ice tells me yeah Phil there without try to come back cancer and in that way. Mayor about my birdies closer to you tonight cracking some. Not for a moment here but that's not really fair because Anna painted its Mallard I was gonna say I can tell you you usually find out details coming over German and talk and a tank. Well because so I switched my deodorant and this is like a big change in my life felt too close don't assist my my armpit. It may. I now I'm starting to smell Mac and cheese and candy. Let's admit it that's funny I'm going gay and desperation. Chris tell us what that might be what it's desperation smells like a Mac machines. She like and they like lower end tight and up Mac and cheese and band aid but a brand name. And days now crops but I read these studies that changing your Dioner insist you're really bad for you and help it work better. And my you're hippie tree hug her right to Shimon that your own deodorant. I don't feel like Janet tree bark and a bit up and down. Thanks so you have to deals or somewhere I make my own laundry detergent it's fine it's look for a better. But I used secret clinical strength and it wasn't on sale at CBS I got really and sometimes no real badly need clinical strength normally I saw a lot of. Don't see them put Shaq coming down what do spray gun. It fits EMI and not like a look at your own EMI and us and I Israelis is airing all my dirty you're always going to be getting a senator can I ask one question. Why the hell are you telling us all us. I think I mean I'm kind of honored that you trust those and I'll tell you I'm. Let's turn and Janet telling them around you the whole process to mascara. Last week if you could be in the room and I give birth yes that is true I did you won't do we have to be stiffer FaceBook live the way you know and to me we'd never really settled on that issue on Wednesday for Mike then put down my owner barricade or some like that like these and concert something like having sheets yeah you go with that debrief they don't nominates somebody doing right on the back of my GC veteran is not holding up. Things I don't and morning did you move on Paul. What's rumor and using I used Hickory but obviously it doesn't work paid off my computer on there's Ahmad computer general there may do that Canada after the I mean you're struggling a pig but I do nonetheless you don't smell I don't think so the degree obviously keeps the same but a nice yeah. Nice so we're suing the deal odor porridge but it's not and he per spring part. Okay we can move on thanks guys I'm visiting moment plans that place is what friends are forced to go find a woman in this off season and Mallard good luck.