DOC SHOW AUDIO: Doc's Son Finds Treasure

Monday, June 11th

Doc finally started washing and waxing the family cars. While Sean was cleaning the mess out of his car, he found not one, not two but three of these....

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We had some fun every retailers say fun I mean were telling me. And I decided Jews say I met some older gentleman of one of the young person things we're doing a one. Auto stores and there's no excesses that story you told me the story doesn't I want him because I've never. Of all the cars I've had that everybody knew I think I watched one car one time. In this guy's like and he had beautiful car if his place old one and we use me explaining told mothers quacks. Wal-Mart hasn't unabomber but that it's expensive for anything because who really were secure if you wash your card twice a year. You know it's gonna last longer you're not gonna have all led. Dings and done well in the bug things you don't get as many of those because it's bouncing off here. So we set out to do the waxing and Juliet set pale health and soon she was helping me she was washing in doing the insiders who in the waxing. On the outside and currently great ending and I sunburn new fewer than they continued Sunday than if you're John's car. Is a mess and he was of course going to be going to Philadelphia this weekend he was used. But Selig incarcerated driveway here let's go do your cartoon thing develop and so Leon part of the cleaning. The outside party was not he was preparing for the parties you know when you're playing on the couch watching TV clean and he did start well he's young clean the inside so my when I mean by that is you know I gave me at the overall wipes and things like that in certain things got touched but. This Chung this. Google appears during will get it doesn't come off got to try this at. I take one and I'm just lightly doing and it's just coming off the media and. I'd love to have doctors and dad. Pushover I'm going to get better about you know it's tough with these kids today I mean I really ticked him off I don't have any kid like this against the deal with on a daily basis. Has there grown up Manny just got to ride them like a Shetland pony and a petting zoo sometimes and as a way as a mainly at. And so procedure yellow as Carl like other put I found. Oh my three break into your precious so these are from the dentist the other times he's customer Immelman Newsom grain yet there's sensor that is a great feeling when you find a surprise him somewhere in your car and trust me man it's a really good time to look carting between the seats and underneath you never know you might come up when you get the flaw. Don't you science. He had a friend tried to you we offer me ten dollars if you read this. And I would have been if I knew it and Carol funny if it executives and dollars to get out your wallet I'm just losing every way. Obviously this week and don't forget about.