DOC SHOW AUDIO: Doc's a Packer

Wednesday, October 11th

Just when Doc though he was boss over Finley the dog, Jessie knocked him down a few pegs.


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I agree I totally black eye infection did you go to bed early I really mean I lost its us but I tell it like I flat it's right there but it's your. I actually slipped and the other. In the well over the dog is visiting we have to leave the dog to love but he's very big. Big not fat thing comes to the oh I think he's still worth sixty pounds or somewhere and it's a decent sized dog after. Plus being to blend. But that's the problem like every time I laid down in the bed. He's got to get either way across my legs on top tier pac member. Was having some Michelle as a pack leader like and the pack leader in the house for dinner knows that I make their roles are John leader of the pack I'm maker. Yeah that was my grandfather coffee got to solve the sixers could have thought I was a motorcycle stereo and highway and anyway. Simon tired so Michelle's free of charge. And then the rest of you just kind of fall in line to Finley things that you guys are equals and and that's why you huddled together. I protect each and every pack leader I thought he thought I was in charge does everything have I do something he does have with me he doesn't have a history walls. Sorry I'm used to you people to his election and if there are bad news. I want to hear him thinking he likes it as just using me as apparently called for just that benefits of being right there are actually Cameron run. All over again that name.