DOC SHOW AUDIO: Doc's Gonna be a Dad Again

Thursday, October 19th

We announced this morning that Doc and his wife are becoming Foster Parents to a 16 year old girl. Wait until she meets Aunt Jessie and Uncle Freddie!


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Military justice which. It's like where there's interagency group photo it's a catch you up so Michelle. Reached out to me. Month ago. Since we've taxed. Just may question on the tenth. The white they're never thought about that put and I tell me more to manifest or what's going on here the other big and then Freddie there's no Jessie does know what I'm I'm going to be. You saw Sam feel good trade though man come and homeland. I don't want to know what you think it is I'm so. What it's gonna be. Is you know our our kids the boys are grown crush on destroying our out of Anderson Araujo. Compares very far off. So we decided we're becoming Foster parents that is so it's cool doing here and the very girl the young lady who. It's coming to her home there actually is gonna happen now only two weeks I'll. We're talking about has been a Foster child and she's four years. She's sixteen right now since high school apparently doing great Michelle's veteran bunch times. I've ever met or shelves are marina near tonight's gonna come over for dinner and this has been an ongoing process for you. Yeah I mean just so you know within the last I would say 34 weeks everything's been crazy you know we have caseworker house the other day the north her home they're going through all you know. Freddie got to do all these clearances. I just like you know so I know didn't I know about it show the state police clearance FBI clearance. You know children youth and all at seven year old. Did not right now. You're gonna both be so amazing it's as though. Well I kind of front knowledge and with snowman and Michel mayor can you really clean the house each time I don't know what's gonna happen so Lisa comes down to the young guys now their game hey man you could use me as a referendum. I'm happy for you man congratulate I think hearing about it's it's funny I know you know. Boys who pretty much this is going to be a whole new world for me Lockett got on the farm I. What do you watch what goes on is gonna go oh yeah yeah I know that I thought you are gonna tell me you're getting a visit from the start there are men now. Does is this is eight friends yeah it is this is awesome very good for you I'm very happy for you casual about many diapers and also has to show how selfless you both are though because you're at a point where you're almost dating again. Now you know the boys around the house and you guys are gone LA every weekend and really getting to know each other and so she now takes someone else and you're weighing in and groom them and mold them that's really amazing. It has the makings for an amazing to sit com. I really don't know. Nothing else out here featured that's also why you've been obsessed with this is us this season because they're going through this writing you. Some of the story like kicked him two weeks ago how about them taking in a Foster now. Now that the accounts so Foster parents like you need advice along the way your I don't know I don't know anything about what to expect here over the next few weeks but we are we're part of one of the neatest things you always have my older son actually say this you. Michelle few weeks ago I Guzman you have so much love together yeah. You know. This is a per your perfect icons and Alec Regis did this without the kids they can hang all 400% for. Cat does understand this is going down so upset that I've got an offense but Tom she will be officially like pretty rare however all this weekend. And then she'll officially be with us at the end of the month Salmonella thing dinner ready for college you want Scientology stuff like that. And unless you were named Robbie Harris of course let you know but tell you guys a meter and PCS around and in a real soon.