DOC SHOW AUDIO: Doc Wants to Lose 25lbs in 3 Days

Wednesday, April 11th

With his high school reunion coming up this weekend, Doc wants to lose 25lbs.Our listener Tara offers to help him achieve his goal.


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Saturday is 43 you know my high school in New York. Track go back after forty years haven't seen any of these people and Illinois school or forty years ago formally school so my goal was a wanted to go back looking like they did it's people can. Lebanon until we achieve that but I came over the idea that started yesterday and you know I don't want it to last minutes are starting yesterday. A wanna lose 25 pounds by the time Saturday. Gets here. And there waiting yesterday in his video yesterday video today consumer price you FaceBook page so yesterday a wave your clothes and everything so I weighed 200 times. Pundits say I want to do and again you can't. 230 point six pounds was yesterday. Plus they announced celebrated well celebrated like they let me I'm gonna do this and I went up there last night and none of Turkey claw. They were chips and beer. So today I weigh in and I came in and choose 31 point seven play actually gained one pound and one announced between yesterday and today. Which now makes if it's a math problem it's 26 point one pounds. I don't need to lose I still have time because it is only Wednesday night's Saturday or Saturday make it happen now I get terror hang out here on the phone terra am I gonna lose the weight by Saturday. Yeah how about second half and fly high proposition for you think I'm a gambling kind of person. I sell a product solace dram which we call our liquid waste stream and I'm gonna assume that your problem area is your midsection yeah. Yes no no and I think probably your midsection on her believe you haven't asked as she did you. Elated and thank you Jesse John I think you've about this ridiculous you have to. Well anyway it's guaranteed to work just clinically proven requires what I will do so please I would give you a bottle of just like bush waged street here. But when you say the name liquid waste container. I'll let me tell you something different venue but it sounds pretty disgusting rampart. You know what it does it. Strength and block fat cells so my Saturday realistically how much weight as he lives he's not gonna lose weight to begin with he'll lose inches. It's 26 inch waist by Saturday is really like inside help now but I'll tell you why within a month I don't guarantee that you loses three to four inches around the belly. Could be embarrassing question if I take out there what are the odds I can have an accident while. I yeah. Yeah the ultimate FaceBook blog post. Holiday and a bit cable's zone in the morning that's Ali's case. You put on data you put the water you queen that I to a tablespoon. And you take it ended but no one gram cracker and is very coming any minute like the. Happy hour. And they didn't get them back. The only way that that would ever happen for you if you don't see where that I'm not gonna have an accident as the classes. Yeah no no you yeah. Robinson that that's how the lol remember me. So what Jesse continues. I'm rog you wallow.