DOC SHOW AUDIO: Doc Walks a 5K Run

Monday, August 7th

Over the weekend, Doc and his wife walked in a 5K Run/Walk in Conyngham for Valley Day and still came in last.


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This weekend the weather was cooler over the weekend gaffe that Michelle had the idea this is Friday night she goes hey you know there's five K and an eight K. Yeah I know there is such thing as an AK right from happening down you're reliving coming up. And the support of belly do they had beer and it takes over security event and you've been telling me that you're training because your first like real fun king is coming up and the camera so. He generally whoever did that one I thought you would have gotten an hour now. When Strasburg battery life. There are some big elephant whatever millions of have the great memory of sir we are every sign of indications like what we hurry we're not gonna be there in terms of a review they never leave right on time telling him that we get now they didn't think we got there and we are fun like fifteen minutes workers. So what we decide to go the five favorite. Yeah now so there would be a gay people take off running and I mean they're all you can tell everybody is like high school legend he's playing like a rocket had generally don't feel like they're unlock. How well we did we had a little run while for them to run part if you will from my. Don't we did it end well disciplined you know why you show all these older piano I don't get out there. Whose show is funny because I'm really blessed people registering soliciting in the back here and we'll just walk you. No problem that's in case somebody falls on pulls a hamstring you can help but I love. Yeah but what happened is everybody was like when they pull a fast walking. Yeah took off the left just when I'm there in the dusk curfew you know stragglers and biased. But after you know the first quarter mile three quarters of a mile some people drop downs all of a sudden now we're. In last place we ambulances behind you know the one that follows through these polls are so we yourself fear that has picture via Michelle. With the ambulance behind us because there's nobody everybody else struck down I volunteered at five k's California Dolly's rain shall the ambulance comes and when you make sure that everybody's okay. But you're sitting there like on my. Her in the hospital okay because everybody else just came in like half an hour beforehand so did they time you've done. We did we actually get urgently pass the show it was ended up on what was there was shooting just you know I don't know there was 51 minutes. And rent for a second storm that actually pretty good activists who were you know why because we were trying to catch up and everybody so we're speed walking. Good solid health yell let's let's fastest track came in Iran with 29 minutes now is running so no like half an hour behind yeah. We get a couple extra little run scenario I'm fine spirits when he visa HA people like blew by us a collision one time surely coming up on the like the first turn in the league finishing up like my. No and then. They finish up like mile six while we're still working on the final three at this point did you totally unbiased look at graduation now now now they have the first on under your belt you're reading a run here next year definitely inspired I conceived by the glowing skin that you are inspired by this experience land you write letters I get a special T shirt and wasn't just like cotton T shirts one was runner citations. I'll give you and the safety pins in the sheep with your number on the front bunt soon. In my office on her openly should go by walk and if you find another five K that might be given no participation trophies they need to be really set up man but he says that for anybody has Michelle then signed us up for the pistons made a festival one that's actually going to die. So yeah I. About prevent hang on you know how hard that is because of walking again in my room yet they're still not inhale all it was a nice pits and is a help in huge divot. So was coming up that's why am I I had. I already do that went to the recycler yeah Deion here now. I'm gonna follow you with Don that the doctors about Jessica let me tell blocks right yeah. I'm still in play I'll take your fire.