DOC SHOW AUDIO: Doc Takes His Daughter Shopping

Tuesday, November 14th

As a new Dad to a teenage daughter, Doc got to experience clothes shopping with a 16 year old.


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We here in Philadelphia every. Your third daughter shopping this hole is a new thing about experience today yeah going out and I'm kind of plain clothes for girls everywhere else so it's stressful. Google was hit a few stories like each of them down there and this place called Vera with a show like to go juice we went there and then. You know Burlington Coat Factory working there. Bacteria Marvin this Burlington mount fine and I'm sorry a sperling to discuss all the commercials. Here's my problem as a dad who really could care less about going shopping for girls plus. There's no place in the UB stores for dads to just congregate Satan thing you know there's really nowhere he told me that you went to one to achieve. The one girls are the John I'm not telling the final one here. We redundant but we're making progress we started like seventeenth street her until like eighth going all right back you down and we walked past ulta beauty. We suck and they're like sure. Don't forget all the different naked eye on talent. He he Howell wearing the all yes sure seemed that way we need we're probably later 45 minutes let's are racist to pick the perfect flush colored 45 minute that's what I was kind of learning about my line. Most main concern on the planet and she was showing me there's some kind of lipstick which posture lifts up without mention this is the equivalent of having the bees sting yeah. So it actually as you're here you should put it on the tingling feeling this take on your. Let's not putting that song and I didn't because have a little party gunman started substantive part improvement that's when you have like big glamorous. And by the way when my other point being ultra beauty also did not have any place from end to sit down my mood in a really good one. Little section in the middle of Cologne for you guys should look at fell over. The put eventually got out there but why is that wires and a place to sit. You know some stories have at some like her department source Haver thing have an area where. You're not welcome as a momentous well and we don't wanna be there I mean at its highest buyer face is really don't wanna be of those places like could you just go shopping smile. Let me go somewhere else I know I had a whole itinerary planned right is gonna Google first officials like bill though. You know she get the full experience tell your daughter your life from US. Planned to go meet up with your friends down and then Michelle just showed your daughter how you'd just take the train wrapped up two or three more times around your wrist. Before you give it a little getting your hands your check you know. There naked I pellets or let them. Here's what I do when I go shopping with my wife when she wants to go buy clothes for my voice is real well playing in a way that's not the way and I don't. It's they're oh OK you don't know. Railway that. You know I think I remember your timer to tell the story saying I like elevator accident here today we're going to charge combating that I needed ice workout. Payoff is not a day off because how do you make leisure recreation to a schedule principle here visitors won't get a look at this sort of goes through as I got an hour. I just culture tiger. You just want to do what everyone got big red raiders have a. I'm stuck in an office I want to go on wanted to target what started. Look at the clock about to return. And seeks to return water re launch lol I think you're only here lately you can home leave me alone. She lent to work early that surrounds. Anywhere. I don't wanna shower I don't want to do anything. It just shows that we love you how we carry food around in the pockets of my rope so I don't even have to walk. In the kitchen so I hear you.