DOC SHOW AUDIO: Doc Really Has Tattoos

Wednesday, July 11th

All this week we're giving away Blake Shelton concert tickets. We're playing a game called, "Spot the B.S." Basically, two of us are telling the truth and one is lying and the caller needs to guess the liar. Poor one believes he has tattoos on his biceps. (It's True)

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Are you willing good morning his sense of moderate Arab all right Kevin so you need to spot the BS here's Jesse what was yours I've never had a big Mac. And I have to choose on both of my biceps I just went skydiving for the first time. Kevin who's who's got the BS going here global fiber there it. CNN. Lilly saying yeah. Donkeys. Sorry Kevin brought you oil law you mourning his best content I think. There mr. Gregor has released three again Jesse I'm never had a big Mac and I have to choose the most in my biceps and I just went skydiving for the first time which one is lying. Backpack from the iPad for. Remember this I've got a streak right now. I do have those who don't have real good with Sarah about it once Tinker Bell on the others. Bigger scale. Trailer yeah regular little legend Mario we're gonna try this one more time who. Only for your morning Zelaya Jesse what is your store yeah. I don't think Matthew JJ zero big Mac I have judges on both of my biceps and reading I just went skydiving for the first time so which one of us is lying. I would look at that through. Usually get a surface conditions. They really have a real manic intensity and cry aloud do I know I program. All right I thanks for Dreyer and we'll be brought you wanna play good morning here's this boomer what Walt Walt listen Jesse what's yours I've never had a big Mac. And mind is I have tattoos on both in my biceps and Freddie I just went skydiving for the first time. All right which one of us who's lying under. Yeah. Not because if you didn't get this right you said dobbs was lying about half the tattoos on his biceps is gonna get on top of the building and take a plunger head further. But they haven't. You don't know the Imus for him Pacifica. Blazing you're gonna see Blake's. Shelton at Dick's Sporting Goods open August 17 and enjoy golf course in an economy back grade eighth your.