DOC SHOW AUDIO: Doc & Jessie...Not Rock Stars

Friday, February 23rd

Doc & Jessie were at the Little Big Town concert Thursday night. Since we met them a few times, we thought they would remember us...not so much!


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Last night little big town Mohegan Sun arena Midland mayor facing Australia by the way he's demonstrators got to see like the tail end of her performance she's amazing she felt. Yeah she was almost no one person like that high. Well let me tell you how to get a speaking from experience here it comes to international we like or hang out teen girls as they can Hannity I think she's wearing infamy was like. Elvis Presley. She's so hot suns Presley I've never seen vanish bird trying to put looming just like my favorite. The whole wide world under so great and wanna think you can bring my daughter and through that experience yeah. It's like on the other into reeling data being here. Well I hope so you know we'll see what happens to thank you for making them half a court but here I am thinking instead of the year over the years in between here Friday in Philadelphia. Do along with little big town so I can't really you know no walk in the backstage and you know hey doc what to go and then and now want him back and I'm like killed all of you know thrown out first names of course and I like hey Philip. Major way and take care of hi Hillary do. Other good morning. Remember I get to meet their kids which is a very cool they had a whole family there yeah like being a new mom and and seeing him really is baby she just adopted and within a baby carrier selling for talk about baby carriers and then if I'm Phyllis kids heavy sweet sneakers on and they had like. Think we know that they Entrust those letters kind of skating around but it's fun sleepless kids just being kids like dare not say is that their parents are superstars and. Off and never got to jump right in in a hurry Kimberly recyclables are very curly hair yeah I'm talking hair products real quick and I know. Phillip said to me close again with a blond hair from what are you using your hair apparently not much I think the well all of all of flowing if you are bombed and he made that John asked our do you think he had like this thick glasses fly down. Again I'm cars and doing nothing to what you're telling me a story and you probably don't wanna tell numbers and make you tell us about with Karen from years ago when she was pregnant yeah. Jersey City could kind of relates in my scenario here is like ten years ago some. She was very. Pregnant and in a hotel room at this conference that we arrested can you help each. As a woman you know like he'd get his jacket off you'd like to listen. Turk got chinks the athletics aren't supposed to nice to meet you. Since June. That's a good lesson CMA awards I'm like oh my serves fresh Alfred T nice friends. Most of these people are friends of the is that you can't kinda came up to realize the earth John. And he says. No hero and calls you by name and I'm like I don't know you yeah yeah yeah. I think ten years ago I was in town with Easton Corbin. And you know we've done a lot together and thought about a. Somebody knew he had want first in new violence especially talking as the real tall guy he Africa taxation cowboy hat there. Politicians have to say the same things you're well look who's talking it doesn't. For John. John what is infinitely.