DOC SHOW AUDIO: Doc Drinks Baby Formula!

Wednesday, February 21st

Doc misses the time when he was a Dad to his small children. Jessie made him feel better by bringing in some baby formula to bring back the memories.


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Thanks to you you brought in some baby formula for a hearing on FaceBook live now here yen by the way check this out on FaceBook I don't know why Europe's fast with. On the idea as a dad of two children now three and number I. I have babies and remember tasting it and you know warming up. Sting and I only wish our thing was set it up this one thing tasting Hillary sugar is just Conan did but this is all different from when I was there. You know like they didn't have these little tickle models events from well there like the little. Travel bottles Charlie's way beyond that that's for money refers to the hospital now he's at six ounces so. Children three times that in one cent and I was asking you tonight put this in the refrigerator in Charlotte and you all know. Always get babies warm formula is supposed to be like warm on your skin just a little snitch warm because. That old ones console called the cost patient and what happens you get a black professor Ratzinger Pope yellow apple does okay black who does not okay. Are you gotta work like kind of arrived too bad. I mean I I get it from there should be some pain that it. And tells lacklustre two horrible let's see what happens here are you remember me after world and share restart. They've been able to let's say that in a cigarette so trichet Panasonic and honored to its pre next thing on a pack. The. By the way this is today the one what sort of the finger or a set now. So that means that there's only one hole and here so goes down a little slower. You play unlike. Kill carries and he has an and is now a good. And imitate. My younger son and your son all the ones right yeah but the nine. I don't pretend I just check out on iron out it just screaming in my it's bad when you stop him the other isn't this just in Cuba and what does it taste like. It smells a lot worse than a chase it some it it has a little bit of a sweet to it does it taste almost like once a step not anybody in the room now thank you don't know. Your mouth has been on the computer does it tastes like a milk she can. L and M. No nothing like military it looks like it's thing you know when it comes back killing a young integrated it all off. And just drink and other things they don't grow on the endurance Shia literally the last act garbage generator and an insect there it doesn't taste like milk thank. I'm a little bit like Mel but as a sweeter taste the milk. Or anti I was trying to say Harrisburg or don't tell the royalty this is of Olympic oh my gosh almighty. It's our exodus shootaround Susan manor yes some don't like halfway now there's a marking on the back to Syria buyers found yeah. Rosie how much she drank it says elements pointing out things started the leader's success started zero and down the twenty and it goes as high as forty some halfway done. Since gentler words sure I'm not gonna have black guy yellow hey what do regulator vote different. Should you for the green Pope. Shall we don't 135 almost on six from DIY isn't good for you if you believe your drinking an entire bottle during have a little post calorie count on the front running Arizona twenties who's actually if you are one more shot I know there we move on you actually like I think and it's not as impressed as I thought it was gonna bring it's and also about formula is the most L smell one more time and smelling thing now I think Ellen Daley. Downey end up when it's on. Can you drop bottom now. While. Evidently sick not probably what many young hip guy in the back of senator Bob yeah hang on your shoulder is pay unemployment around OK all right again. It's an amber are you any. Yeah maybe not on the baby. Go baby. At a news picked on my shoulder. Don't look that bad. The video right now announcing all. All right we got in your own and our thanks. To wash it Ellison seltzer hearing just designed.