DOC SHOW AUDIO: Did Doc Food Poison His Family?

Monday, February 12th

Doc and his family went food shopping on Saturday, One of the bags they forgot to put away contained, hamburgers, hotdogs and shrimp. They found the bad sitting out 20 hours later and he still cooked and served it!


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Learn Hensley here from W theory Eyewitness News thank you again for coming in this morning. Happy to be here this is round two for me I'm so honored to be here back by popular demand and you brought in from the press this morning a lesson you gingerbread cookies and turn Christmas night. Yeah I hope these don't disappoint obviously to Christmas cookies great with a butter and sugar. Play if you hear it's time for a new yield getting a little bit healthier dock so these are my whole made energy bar. And once and missed it promptly got. Our poison right vote no please enter almond butter both pumpkin seeds. I think they're dried cherries and there. When I wake up at 2:30 in the morning you know this is they got boost I needed and I'm hole for the entire day and you know I needed to watch them. Tender and from a yeah I think I'll I know apparatus down yeah mandate and it. Yeah Freddie need anymore energy yeah I'm pretty jacked up right now but it's a good has slipped what I swept the sweat but yeah that's what. I'm well well. That's aliens with a dinner for the weekend Julio you're healthy now and that's where healthy before but always helping calm. So we were jumping mile route barbecue last night because the weather was nice to rebut your hot dogs hamburgers. And later this week review something with shrimps or what person through. So that was Saturday afternoon yesterday afternoon we get back from church official says what's his bag sitting here by the front door that we. This is inside the house and outside where a school event and a life. Phone and open it up near the shrimp in the hamburger. So even sitting out for twenty hours. So I feel the shrimp that they were frozen shrimp and they actually sort of kept the hamburger. At that point oh cool. In the hot dogs pulled. I'm too cheap but it won't throw away. Officials like we should get rid of that by news stuff like it's only when he our continuing with every day. Tony I made them last night and yeah I've heard from a suit and we got so far but he seems to be checking in one by one doc I'm sorry we called a simple sure don't work right come from and you just want the bull surely. Thank you very much. I was waiver reels to try and tasted like if they had ever you know and when you look at remember when it's in the pack of its right to look brownish and I'm like okay that would have been bad but it was still pretty red and it. Much braver than I would be here. For back in the refrigerator for whoever. Poisoning man bill Nye yeah knowledge and often happens right would have happened by now right it definitely is over there. At the marketing and your yeah I know lineup. Have you ever had food poisoning their own. I had it was a miserable my mom actually made me lobster tails I don't work on one Christmas I day. My parents go from the Lehigh Valley to Wear wasn't central Pennsylvania my mom packed Christmas meal and you know coolers. And she brought me specifically lobster tails I was the only one in the Stanley to eat the lobster tails on Christmas Day when I came home from work. She made me a lot curtail the next morning I am least Heidi Collins sick. Look like a scene from your sister it was miserable at the hotel dark I would wish that upon anyone as it. Haven't you. It was terrible us war it's horrible I never had it happen. You wind how to theoretically it should like necessarily to our relationship we get toilet literally. And there's things that you will do and you have no choice to do them. I that you would never think of doing regularly it's just like it takes over your whole body and takes over everything. And you just pray and I'll tell you what I've made fox all prayers a couple times in my life hell that means ray gets stuck in a situation and he promised whatever higher power you were you we appreciate you get out of like when I guess I'll quit that I'll do this I'll do that if you just get me out of this situation to stop me from feeling like I'm feeling right now I cry. Promise I will never do this or that bat again. And that was one of the times that I jumped into a foxhole prayer when I. Food poisoning so when I hear somebody you know just dance around oil might be a might not be I don't know if I hear from somebody on it really can't let stuff sit over twenty hours. And then I just hope for the best for you man because I. Sir I survived the burgers and hot dogs so far but I still have the shrimp which I put back in the rotation while fans know. There were polls show the bag was still kind of cool wholesale that's my story philandering. Don we'll be good timing is gonna the strip Wednesday night men jerseys was three deckers or some lunch yet food poisoning at that point be away for awhile. All right welcome back now he's.