DOC SHOW AUDIO: Crockett Gets a Boo Boo

Tuesday, February 6th

Crockett joined me this morning and was telling the story of how he almost missed "The Big Game!"


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So we a lot of people in the studio this morning we have Crocker who is here good morning good morning and we've got up there who is with us I made it and and Joseph for a long hearing just a few minutes will be talking to him so. Crush you and I were talking if you re series hey can I have been one of the warnings from like a perfect example of yeah. As we've ever done this before Reno yeah during the show and I'm like if you wanted to talk to crocodiles and and I knew he was going to a party. The other day for the wall which I thought was a police only the whole. But you behind the party was they really go outside and do it it's tailgate party remember telegraph Lincoln Financial Field price and pick I guess it out loud as I talked about on Saturday. And by Sunday almost plays like dude did you talk about the salt meets art it was safe to hear the story and the story. So it's hardly changed as to whether we see how long did you last at the party I'd say about five minutes death and has had nothing to do return until everybody would have if I won I. He got there we opened up the car doors for the music so the music will be playing loud mouth and my body threw me a football we just got there. Fallen apart catch or hit a patch of ice and I went headfirst into the corner of my car door and passed out sport I had openly drag me inside. Pascal again. And given the ER with life staples landed minor concussion how many people are that by the time apparently not enough. I did at the tying three people were learning it and I was it was just horrible. Apple absolutely terrible part your friend then they take care area on the one day the and so I'll take to the other one said we have to stay here for a there is gonna wants to hear returns are tech. I mean that's good but you do get you like probably one of the biggest Eagles fans I know I know you're all decked out idea I was the head to toe in evils here in the yard every. Of course every assumed that I was just the drunk idiot that can't hurt I was like I swam wasn't Drake in. If they came in the bosses like freed drums don't. Hello I was like really get a beer in his first against her religion of yes or insulin half and we have right now are you doing now. I don't think here so I tried did beavers like yes I went out sunny not going to be responsible and but what happened. We got through surgery gave her before the pregame film but DIV uniform is not ruined it all with plus my buddies did a very good job of keeping me clean them. So you got it which say a partial confession would he call. I don't know I didn't I was Fuzzy I was toughness but they sent me home early as they calls would cost you think. You sound a little blade croc in the Sonoma earlier you know like this at a flooded LA passed out I never had a problem with it before but I guess I do yeah. There's only about myself just a good we have intercom protocol here like the NFL in your fury you know you gotta stay got a couple plays I got the CDE I don't know. A couple of days we'll see what happens while he said was so what you feel when you first figurehead he said could knock out almost instantly. Yeah I don't remember the actual hit I just remember I I heard it I heard a loud smash but. Wanna open my eyes and it was like you know in a movie when like the camera like we. That's what look like in any kind of all Fuld just did did you send to car. The corner out like the actual corners so that we are. I only got six cars that yeah it'll my car's not the greatest living thing in the kind of wish her car through some real screw the Sunni don't forget when their car and paying full of blood vessel owner and the Medicare they told me that it was because I hit my head on a car is considered a car accident site to go to BR they don't deal with car accidents. So it weird that isn't hair's just. If you hate your head only card don't go to the good therefore don't hit your head on the car works like you know total play catch in the freezing and ownership could drag like.