DOC SHOW AUDIO: Crane Fly Terror

Wednesday, September 13th

This thing flew in to Doc's home last night. What is it? We ask the expert...Bryan Weiss from Terminators Pest Control.


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So I put on the predators who could just minutes ago this thing that flew into warehouse less like to give up a life of a different sort of thing flies in the house of you'll hear more about just the second volume my body on the phone here from a terminated pest control Brian Weis right right personal how's the has the bug industry going. Think the wet weather but I'm not completely so what happened I'm sitting on the couch last night and I want to me via the charity thing arteries in money and Michelle Gonzalez must get in the house which I guess a month to get and how we could we look -- right outside the front door and rescue team and an end Sean walks and he goes oh my god dad what is their career on the wolf and I said our sister mod you look on us just to mop mommy says billions that's so lost. And I turn around I'm like oh my god if this thing runs things like four inches from Intel and. Had put upon your hand did so what since the great wife and it was a cranes like people called the mosquito hawks but it's just it's larva in nature he gets craft he trained craftsmen here. Garden mulch growth and they court no harm based connector from time to time we think diet do we. Don't feel guilty now because he prematurely ended his life last yes or he's not gonna bite makes it look like they have a big singer I don't quite a little I don't fight. He's talking about him knows he's on the bottom of his sneaker right now in my living room yet speaker told the daily disappears speaker because I am back to. And slacks you went into effect if I could eventually picked him up and put him outside yes capitalism can do different. I heard John actually beating the speaker against the wall now under no I didn't look at the living room might have a hole in the living room wall not even realize that. From him smack in my speaker and then there's Glen and in fast and the whole wall and now he in all of his five friends are learning that we can only hope Mike I try to you know do the manly thing and get improvements and I remember him astronaut commodities up by the sailing because your picture and even on sending further back. I mean if you look at this picture on the Friday you see him casting a shadow that's how big this bug was there was there Sonoma Fred look particularly homeowners today. Play here don't amaze Syrian nice comeback and home mail yeah. Some room nightmares about drugs. Voted the timing here.