DOC SHOW AUDIO: Could Freddie Host a Kids Show?

Friday, March 9th

Blues Clues is coming back to TV and they're looking for a new host. We think Freddie is the man for the job.


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I am. Come to one of my favorite shows is coming back TV. It definitely get Sharon I don't. Things. And yeah hey I'm question yeah. Do you view as a young lady if this when you say you're a little on the older side to be watching you. Just looking at me from 1996 to 2006 and I was ten OK did you have a crush on Steve. Cleaned out of them. Under the my wife had a crush on Steve's here that was another one of those freaky things like Power Rangers for a lot of moms took a liking no one ever saw her problem her Steve roe. He's seen recent pictures and see you wanna. He's bald and not very huge concert on the front as they are the second guy and then crap just glad I was a little bit cheater and the first I was as they now expect. Anyway. They're looking for it's a refreshing his signature locked and waving a. Here I'm thinking I'm thinking open casting call Freddie far out I'll be there Southern California April you. Being a B there you go Ngo mad dog Democrats are valued at the united BX on our kids far. I Peruvian children show but all adult I'm going to do on that'd be great path through like all the innuendo as well. All on any windows yeah I definitely in an imaginary dog jumping around that's right up my Alley and I.