DOC SHOW AUDIO: Chewy's Favorite Things

Friday, December 8th

Doc was asking Chewy about his favorite Christmas movies and traditions.


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According to America is why what do you think that might be National Lampoon spears was Vegas and number four. Rudolf. A real Southern California prisoners started Christmas stories number generally number one is Charlie ground. Number war. It is they heat all a team Isaac it's a wonderful life it's a wonderful life with Jimmy Stewart from married that's the number one their favorite holiday traditions for people and journalists have been tears or hears on the top of the list. Spending time with the family and friends both. If you could it's been looking forward to other colors that filled. Holiday dinners and parties like I like food Villanova finding in giving presents I don't Eminem lady of the residents are putting up holiday decorations. I'm involves giving up just minutes is up for you had Stanley arguments and then how about this watching TV special I love watching Jimmy hearing holiday songs on the radio. Yeah there's funding receiving presents the and I'll gladly.