Wednesday, August 22nd


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It grew up celebration of life event for someone who passed away it's different than a funeral now so I've been through one before Mary McKenzie has been when when he passed away greatest celebration life. So what's the difference it's it's. Think I guess it's more lighthearted timing since. You know you this picture send their remains are his stories. It is a casket there are. I don't know anything at this particular time no it's more you're talking about the person and what they've been to you in their life is it far around. On the mirrors who's not a surprise because that's its video. And it's funny I was out wonder over the weekend and that the man who passed away were crimped basic coach against him in baseball years ago I would destroy my team every time. Now when I always thought I'd be regular ones. And I never heard everything. The reason shots excellent well in my went bad and shock which by the way while I was there is a reflection of a good example of the celebration of life thing you have the standings for this season. But I don't I used to version spillway at the bottom but what they did was critical because that was his wife was Little League Baseball as a coach and they had it at the Little League field we're real world. Soon you we have people as they came Minnesota signing a book you're signing home plate there was a plan on me under. Because for some weariness or both and things like ten. And then all the pictures you overdrive is like and it's kids and then people got up and spoken someone saying contribute and really it was a beautiful but I never had been Michelle got talking and on the way home it's like. Well let's amazing but what do we do when we go away like community and you never think about that but you know what what we can do all you Savard I think I'm all about the. I think you know the and it plays I don't mean just the way then it's gonna sound I don't plan B now. A typical center around and talk and I realized and found ten drinks then tell funny stories that I do not like to be there to run. Ignorance or arrogance. Gelman I would like that I wrote like feels like everything I can't see you looking down from heaven and he believes don't actually live event. Who heads I rely on Baghdad and and line is he's there right Juan. You. Freddie would you like celebration lunch somewhere advance is out of Atlanta for every day here in Africa the celebration of life. We're eager to be in the west side club. But I was somewhere plus I'd definitely. For now. And the funeral stop three Stanley in this bad the other and then for the fur is you know the rats he can run. On the dumpster he got down about people from the other side has take an. It doesn't give you know I think.