DOC SHOW AUDIO: Carolyn Blackburne Newswatch16

Monday, January 8th

Carolyn Blackburne from Newswatch16 joined us this morning and we put her to the test on how well she knows her co-workers. BTW, she passed with flying colors.


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Friday and good morning your best Christian cracked hello Christian Ari this morning but Arianna goods you wanna go check out Disney on ice yeah. Got a family four pack on the line we have Carolyn Blackburn here she's what sixteen Carolyn I hi hello I love. It's only got Caroline nine months now original six team we OC held well she knows we're co workers people we see on TV every day okay how do you think you'll get all ten right. They are paid. So what I'm gonna deal on me to get beyond last name and you can be the first thing I hear realities personally flying. Eight C home one for one Snedeker jumping. My god for us this Lackey Bryant. McBride. Yeah. I was here a couple of weeks ago senior chase chase after Schaeffer this guy he's here a couple more weights. In airing it. Vickers Allen her way. Our first guest that we had when Jesse went away to maternity leave Colombo Kandy Colombo where you go in the lady that's going to be here Wednesday's brazen. This scary because you're. Relations UN a bad. Did you know all those answers you are not. That's our idea needs an elm. We Jerel did you when you the ticket you got a family four pack a day jail to Disney on ice cold dream big Mohegan Sun arena coming up next week OK okay thank you.