DOC SHOW AUDIO: Bringing up Home Values in Minooka

Monday, March 12th

You ever try to sell your home and the neighbor has garbage all over their porch? Jessie is that person...bring home values down in Minooka.


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So what's happening in your neighborhood what makes your redneck is that if you put it couch and your front Florence is that would you have guys. It's not happen tomorrow or clearing up basement and there's just no room. Now in their big guys coming milling pull up the carpet. And because all of the snow we're just gonna kind of play down on the turn in Yunnan and management take cantor had some intelligent drugs so many times and enact it. I've come back and give my two elements of the township man reclining chair. And it. And myself as a really good for Manhattan like this of great price yeah we're gonna run by summoning an employee effect until two years later winning an act at all. So you haven't donated Isner and I'd like I I honestly don't know what to do with it at this point so it's just gonna go on the porch until somebody just. Title when I had to bring up the value so homes and they were ready and act. I have some tires in my garage covered him over look absolutely. Freddie John Kerry was thrown her dad I want those little cut out some the only the bending over with enough with the spoken out underwear that maybe it's thrown out in front and ceramics squirrels you could Scrooge at the signing your house some paints plumbing nose on the lawn and garden gnomes I. Really makes this place beautiful you really think you wouldn't be that house the neighbors would talk about I think what we wanted that. House of the news.