DOC SHOW AUDIO: Brett Eldredge Joins Doc and Jessie

Tuesday, August 8th

We always love when Brett Eldredge stops by the show to chat!


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Docket yet what. Are you buddies do what you are doing we're just talking about your new album the it's here. Doc and you're just talking about your son along length just love the whole album to some inspire that girl. Are being nosy. Nice side of Toledo but I wrote it from a place so getting to really know somebody for their partners soul and not just like on the servers some more about tiger along way around that town and didn't know who they are as a person. Have so many amazing love songs shiver up and ask you to be at their wedding and did you go. I haven't gone to wedding song that they have a show every time I've missed my cousin when their day and had no towards cut above our estimate that part is that ago celebrate and I see them when I don't have assures them. I just recently found out that you and I have the same pet peeve and that's loud cheer worse. Aria from number one men's main driver absolutely crazy. Glad she really gets me out and I had like leave the room when I have dinner at the family we haven't like every time I I would turn on music. Just walking into the studio you're distributor is jumping on apple walk all. Thought it's a rarity to see here a couple weeks along with Luke Bryan and I AC all of your answer Graham post that you bring your dog Edgar along Fuzzy doing. These sort of crazy as ever and enjoy on the road but some mean all sorts credit people all is that character. Is he sure has he chewed anything it's important to you. Oh yes he's got way better there you stick all my issues in this item places I can ever find them I have a lot of one pair of shoes now announced he would do it year in Fremont beautiful dog up like someone who gets fell. Immoral excited to see you and Edgar and lewd Friday Craig Campbell all the montage mountain on September 6. Yeah absolutely I'm ready for it and September formative months perfect time of the year we don't get down you awhile now for a look towards India -- out take care.