DOC SHOW AUDIO: Boring Christmas Parties

Monday, December 4th

Doc and Freddie were discussing how Christmas Parties will be a lot different this year because of everything going on in the news.


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Our new survey of 2000 single people by the dating site plenty of fish found a roughly one in three took 33% of single people would say that they have a hotel with an X. During the holiday season down. You know singles I would do now here they reminisce and that's when an Alley isn't a single during the holidays everybody pulls out macho crap they'll. I've bruises on availability on. Party on this museum. But the bottom line is you wish you are going to see a loved one right exactly a relationship with eastern here locally and you don't want you lonely hill and you wind up trying to go back in the passenger. You probably only make your. Probably just with some scars on Simone are open up some scars from past wounds users other people to come go to the company Christmas party you kiss. Another employee which then makes things about recovery or what and that this year because I'll tell you what was error and how the area is now different there's going to be a lot of boring Christmas parties out their this year like a high school days the boys on one side of the girls on the don't know what's gonna happen. Have to worry about sanitizing the copy machine this year doc perfect chip.