DOC SHOW AUDIO: Big Event for Dani-elle and Veterans

Wednesday, August 1st

One of our biggest local Country singers is Dani-elle. She has a great event coming up this weekend at Genetti's in Dickson City to benefit Veterans. She stopped in with the details this morning!

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Special guest special guest in the studio now present especially bestseller special guests if we can we don't have the budget forward Danielle is here with us again. Yeah. Don't Mardy and I really like that in putting together a new enemy that is especially has. He's an iron please and I'll bearing it has some of those. To get this effect on the Danielle you know our group superstar Roger northeast PA. And hopefully a superstar nationally yet a very senior workers Oregon senator just talking a. Now and I think you guys you know for having me in and throwing your support back home here it really means a lot thanks for coming you're out in Europe we're talking off the air about how looks. Also nearing Nasrallah and maybe that's like the ultimate dream is to move down there yeah absolutely now alliance that. It's a long journey man it's a fun journey now and I'm so thankful for and it's made some incredible people on the alliance. You know ultimately play ultimate dream is to just. The other big stage in and make as much of a difference is I can't Romania says it's the one do you star struck or anybody like to have you seen the light. How even now I feel like a silly there's so many and Manila that's all that the mainstream artists obviously but. There's a few like you know Miranda Lambert last year's CMA fest client money shirt termination does. He did not cause any sort of I don't like Williams Madonna is actually dying within me. Not special guest. Any Al-Jazeera this is where it's calm so you know we're doing really. Up to her ailing her boobs zip across from mine and yelling she passer couple signs Carrie Underwood Brad pays really there's a couple. You know Yemen in picked up those names that you strong. John I'm human emotion. Well I retired I was so and so. And then. Let's give it to you citing an app and you perform when you're in Nashville oh yeah. How is in a different venues and everything and I'm obviously do you when you didn't think play at CMA fest running nineteen is into union on. You know different stages of different things gone on and so RD gearing up so many months salary this is great hated me gap. And an Estonian town is absolutely not so at that time you know. View on December 1 time a once in Nashville and you had artists performing in pizza place us oh yeah. Like little standup tiny stages like preview widened somebody be a fair play and. There's music everywhere I mean I'm. The streets any Benin venue there is clothing stores the malls like every thing music everywhere and it's not just country music either people think Nashville on there like I am not ready now. Regularly blues you like rocky Elaine please see herein CMA fest accounts country music festival and it's everywhere. It was funny here's a New York radios were look at Brady assertions all the time but when you look at the ratings hurt Nashville it's not a country that's nor its urban that is number one I. That's crazy you know I'd give you wonder what round via bicycle on my side and that I am so where is cool displeasure very replied. I am in national. Or anywhere to anywhere. Well I got sent bounces you know they answered. Joseph Johns yea. It's a pretty open fair you know for some shows here montage and now's a lot of fun because you handling the ultimate. Crowder is there in front of you I you know you know you have assumes you have many fans of him giving you any saying. Strange weird. Cruel I actually ever really funny story of the night. You know. Fans are selling I can't do this at though. The support everybody you know it only and there are so incredible and once and after show lady came out Ximian you know she wanted to get a picture and every innocent yeah slowly. So I complimented her earrings and she was like take them and has plagued. Like it was so. Did yeah flight she gave me as she meet earrings there is somebody who apparently earrings or kick I guess with people sunny Amy earrings of my dogs. Yeah none it was Q. But there's a letter really cool Blake. To think that it actually. Takes its math sued to think of emulate that a certain way is just. It's really cool blood all of 'cause it used her stuff they do is really. Really rewarding and probably one of the coolest things I've got to do tunes while south let's get into you do a lot of parity things you have the big event coming up this weekend yeah. God does not answer any manner man actually national spokesperson for veterans promise which is a global or local organization. That helps out you know veterans in crisis families in crisis of veterans and active duty military. Incredible organization. There at a decent Dickson city actually from Hernando one to six a suspension and he's indexes and yes somebody's index and one to 6 PM my dance I gonna play about 3 o'clock tickets are only ten dollars for adults twelve and under is five dollars. And it's going to be amazing all the proceeds are going back to veterans promise to continue doing what they do you know. It's great dad's going to be it's going to be really beg for people anymore information they get that. They onto my website Danielle seems dot com they can know Danielle I mean I'm going to help me. It's DA and I Heisman ELL rookie centers dot com. Or they can college nannies I seminoles 3830206. They can get their tickets tickets are real blood the door as well to. So insurers are awaiting that phone number she actually said that a comfort him and hopefully today is available. Yeah all right it's 900206. Well the gray thank you so much for coming in this morning to you answered yeah it is scary to any and all I see you again soon hire good luck Sunday.