DOC SHOW AUDIO: Bad Karaoke Choices

Tuesday, August 7th

Jessie was telling a story where Dierks Bentley's "go to" karaoke song is "Rebel Yell" from Billy Idol. Then there's Doc...

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And they estimates country artists play karaoke. Love to cover your point Chris lane says he loves them Tim McGraw I like it I love it. Dan and Dan and say loves cream with arms wide open and the sister Fleming's favorite. I pictured Dirksen number. Some like this I think that Billy Idol clay I karaoke song I did with my sister and party from my years ago was paradise by the dashboard like Camilo solid. Didn't really how creepy that sounds and so right there and sisters singing yeah otherwise so oddly I had a now I gotta know right now while watching one person sing in both parts and I think that it's coming off great because the more we have them. That one of the Osborne Brothers said that he and his sister is similar situation performs summer nights and and I. Realize what you songs are final four and started singing them now I think it's just there's the man on a female fired my life has to stop but it wasn't because of his brother and sister to prevent bad Kansas is about what we do get to the stuff right there Parker who. Guess depending on what part of the ConAgra. When you love me when you love me for average in the race.