DOC SHOW AUDIO: Baby Charlie gives an Update on his Mom

Thursday, January 11th

Jessie and her baby Charlie joined us on the show this morning. Charlie let us know when the interview was over.


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Speaking at Jesse's she's home she's got Charlie buyer's side. They now know Charlie's like five weeks six we sold at this point in that's easy like every day probably does something brand new didn't you do before. I just said John have video so he has these little duties actually call upon them for little booties and they have rattles on them so now he's very aware of like has the ceiling fan and then things around the room slick we'll slowly walk around the rim I'll tell my everything is and he's realized that he has these booties on so help kick his feet to hear that rattles its. Insane I found this great app for. Come from new moms it's called the wonder weeks and it tells you talk about how your kid grows each week in those projects like if your kids can have. Two week course is going to be a tough one he's gonna cry a lot or be fussy and then. They call them sunny periods where he's not really growing he's just kind of becoming more aware of the world around him and guys OK I can let. May all of this work in my head and it really has been a lifesaver because it spends right on the money list when he's going to be fussy like when his dad that work. And so cruel and and how does John make announced Jon calling home all the time yeah. You can be put this baby you mean not so much so I don't know I heard I'll invited me home calling you my men home call the baby. You know which in my. Maybe on a. He the first day I think with a little bit of an adjustment but things get easier and he's started going into work a lot earlier and making home earlier and hang out with sorry she's Charlie didn't differ. He's like no apparent in the man's dream on you go you know yesterday you said to me play fewer home really long day I want. How cool your friends go to the grocery store if you want go and mail stunned just go out. Go to Europe he's trying to yeah. Get on the plane and just go some wonder really far away. Don't I don't think Garrett Charlie works great yeah but why not he's still in his room and we had to pull them out yet so that's. All the. I think that's been an adjustment but. Everybody's doing well right it's gonna forget it. That is really inherently less grades here it's good you guys are doing great. And you guys missing we do a mission on countdown the days are ready put on FaceBook somebody assets since February 15 time mentioning things. So don't change that date on me. I had nylon. I'm getting out of this allows a single mom yeah at it's not just days we're here comes surely. Be polio Lawrence. Now you know why you're thankful as soon as you put him in day care you watch him via Bloomberg crying mess that percent. All my god I are any knowledge John who has kids did Eric on Sunday night I mean hysterical inconsolable met Monday with. Was okay you say gets a little early here. Julio well you've now do you know you keep going there you take care a little Shirley in men big John now okay well do oh crimes happening got a golf feeling. And I.