DOC SHOW AUDIO: Baby Charlie Cost How Much?

Thursday, February 15th

Jessie was back today and we were discussing the cost of havibg a baby and what happens if you can't pay for it...Baby Repo!


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Mom so you're just had a baby we're talking about this a little while ago yeah. And really Toy Story here in the second ever won against like how much it cost you have the final bill and we have a little Shirley. We got the break down so this is if you didn't have insurance. Okay. This is due to that it misses my hospital stay so I stayed Wednesday night Thursday night Friday night Saturday night so for ninth. And this included his surgery and I had a C section so my surgery program at 35 I hit 55. You know I said 3333000. Dollar as you said 55000 Freddy what is your without going over claim the price is right here you can maybe ominous saved some possibility. Now I'll save it close to 58. Just under 582000. Dollar EA. How great I was under Sheila Sheila if yeah I want to look it's anyone have a baby's okay. What I tell my neighbor and says yeah. Yeah sure the front you know I'm not I don't I don't know I have concerns ash BS after insurance is still ended up costing us like 12100 box down. He parents praised China for supplemental health insurance if you're planning to you get pregnant because that ended up taking care bill which is made things. Tony Michelle found at bill like this was from her mom to be having a connection there when new athletes from like the fifties and hazel and hospital now. And it was for like a week in the hospital to surgery all the pills and everything and it was like 12100 dollars current pavilion only win. Fixes whatever your wife. Just like 500 bucks a night for me to stay at that hospital. And should only Tyler I don't I could've gotten. I wonder how has finally got in that mess in the first place. Bastard if I told this clinic in Africa from the way they work if you gotta pay up front in this well my how the money they held the baby for a month. At that point and she didn't have the money wasn't going help the money so I guess they did like fundraising thing in the little town there and to raise the 3630. Dollars for the cause there to get her baby back from. The presidents. Of Gabon Africa. I guess that's or. In an area on Ali bongo he kicked its creatures. And dumb and then the police go and arrest the guy for kidnapping. Everything you can't do that he's been released at this point. She has the baby healthy reveal beautiful baby bell south sound bending sorry about that. We don't know some who think every three well on nights he's crying in mid. Resold baby due to an unlikely arts and entertainment channel. Evaporate nots in known as nobody at the end then you can win remained behind the thank you pay attention to tell. Tonight on baby repo you know what I wanted to talk and laugh. What do you spend if you just. Follow my instructions and plus. Delivered a baby moving and a fraction of that idea we reassures me especially yeah. My accent. Freddie and I would've had you by the jackets the white jackets until we would always a little. Are you didn't show you two invades human genome data. Yeah knock me out and certainly it's I bet he knows somewhere he gets.