DOC SHOW AUDIO: Attention Robbers...Lift the Lid

Monday, May 14th

Doc was doing a story about a Sweedish robber who stopped to use the bathroom and left something behind.


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If you're gonna break into a place especially in Sweden if you're guy and you break into an apartment make sure if you do after. This guy I guess while he was rob in the place had to he and the other all over the toilet seat that's how they got his DNA wanna get his fingerprints on the chance either. Silly every interview or something else on maternity Miller got a hold on back to us that takes a PB Joey runs after that yeah pass or steal his watch it. Grab some hobby shop highs of Cuba. I thank communities they're willing refused because her where it goes Zandi your pocket now what did he need to do what did the case may. I weighed the way it did bathroom Matt yeah I does. Pretty cool that's an armed robber or cat burglar observer of Sweden Sweden it's going to be my only do little reality show after.