DOC SHOW AUDIO: Are Doc's Vegetables Happy To See Him?

Thursday, June 7th

Jessie is teaching Doc the correct way to garden. He occasionally forgets watering them!

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Jock show which shares a sell you spend your dirt not a pleasant enough plants over the weekend so we'll restarted for little seeds or little flexible. I've been worked her way surrendered peppers three Boozer and cucumbers and joining me through sort of last year so good with the winning combination for. The farmer you don't take the extra step piano Yemen testing your soil in name had pretty major issues rile you and and this oil we've talked about that a couple weeks ago the did you tested know your candidate and a lot of that if pressing soil and in a sense to Harden not your plan on alleged Joseph and Jill but he didn't answer so are. Mayan. Hey what's what we're about to sign it plans were sending. You make them like true criminals who put them outside in the get used to the elements little back inside so you gradually warms them up to you. The conditions you know you open up Australian gentlemen in the hope they sir I'd yeah meeting of the board things and drink after he transplanted Wheeler was to. Throw the dirt was kind of Jim already so with that particular points. I just fifty left for legislative been there and put him in and numb but I figured there was enough moisture in the dirge you know former medic. On at that point. Philly came yesterday elderly you have. The other candidates debating mayoralty. The literal turn now other worlds is laying down by the site does not come on guys we got to get out. Another figure hey maybe they need water get water and last night there they are standing up again. Except for 190. If you will come photos which you call it whether we you know something's. Right Ali is an idea yeah called interaction no we are government is it's not like some things are ranked it's an era right there right I'll look at that direction over there. If it's like that's a dollars thing elegantly walking three yard to look it's hard. Managed to learn. That's a mighty Iraq's. Demands exactly yeah. Any opinion Canadian pretty much are gas reserves grew. I wanted to needs a dead birds 88. Gonna check to see who I yeah. I. You back a little bit about.